The Amphy Name

One of the first questions anyone asks about Amphy is: “What does the name mean and how did you come up with it?”


At first, Amphy was a nameless baby, we knew what we were building but for months we didn’t know what to call it. To come up with a name, we crowd-sourced it, making a giant masterlist of potentials. We narrowed down this list, and all voted on the best name – Amphy.


Amphy was inspired by the word ‘amphitheatre’, which is a place that for thousands of years has been a center for community, entertainment and enrichment. In the same way one person in the center of an amphitheatre can be seen and heard by thousands, so too on Amphy our hosts are connected to a global audience, previously out of reach.


Amphy is now a market leader in the live recreation space, and we’re growing at epic speed. Join amphy today and become a part of the ever growing global community.