A stress-free move is possible!

Here's how I know

I know because it is something I am doing now, even while being eight months pregnant! Since we sold our condo, people have just assumed that I am stressed out, but I am actually not. Why? Because I’m organized! Organization is my jam, and there have been some key things that have helped me stay on track. To help you also have a positive experience, here are some tips on how you can stay stress free during a move.

Make a schedule

Start with the obvious – schedule your moving day. Once you have the day on the calendar, plan out a schedule by working backwards to ensure you have enough time. Start packing the stuff you don’t need every day, such as off- season clothes, home decor, and extra bedding. DO NOT WAIT until the day before your moving day to pack everything! That does nothing but cause chaos and stress; not just for you, but for anyone else in your household moving with you. Make a plan and give everyone in the household a role. This will ensure that everything gets done and you stay on track.

Do not take everything with you

Moving is the perfect time to declutter! If you have been putting it off up until now, it is time to purge all the extra unnecessary things taking up precious space. Take a look around your home, and identify what you no longer need, use, or like. Put them in their own pile, and DO NOT take those items with you to your new place! You can donate them, give them to friends or family, or toss them if they are broken or in bad condition.


If you are unsure where to start with decluttering before you move, there are some key items to look at first. Coffee mugs (you don’t need 16 of them), dish towels (get rid of the torn or raggedy ones), and books (donate the ones you already read of do not plan to read). Moving into a new place is the perfect opportunity for you to start with a clean slate, and to make sure your new home is a reflection of who you truly are! If there are things that do not align with you and your lifestyle, do not let them follow you to your new home!

Do not procrastinate

When moving your boxes of belongings into the new space, put them directly in the rooms where they will be unpacked (dishes and cups in the kitchen, pillows and sheets in the bedroom, etc). It is easy to just drop the boxes in the main area when you walk in, especially after packing everything up, but putting them in the correct rooms is smart for two reasons: it will keep the main area clear, and it will make the unpacking process go a lot smoother.


Once all the boxes are in their respective rooms, take one room at a time and unpack them as soon as possible. Do not say “I will just do it tomorrow,” because that phrase is just the beginning of procrastination! I know it can be exhausting — believe me, I’ve had to take many breaks in the middle of packing — but it is without a doubt worth it in the long run to tackle your unpacking as soon as possible. If you need to take a day or two off from work, do it – this is what personal days are there for! It will be frustrating and distracting to be on the clock responding to emails while you are moving and trying to unpack. Stay focused on the task at hand, and it will get done much quicker! 


Another helpful tip for unpacking is to recruit some help from people you know will ACTUALLY help you. Do not invite your gossipy gal pal over if you know she will distract you from getting the job done. Invite some family or friends to help who will listen to how you want things done and arranged. Feel like you need to sweeten the pot? Provide coffee, lunch, or snacks for your helpers – it works for me!

It goes without saying, moving is time consuming and is a big undertaking. Like anything else in life, it can cause you to feel overwhelmed especially if you are not organized or prepared for it. These three tips have helped me get ready and stay on track for my upcoming move, and assures me that it will all get done quickly and efficiently. I know where everything is, I know what will go where, and I know I will be packed and settled in plenty of time for baby’s arrival!
About the author: Erin has been a home organizer for the last three years, and started doing it full time in 2020. Erin worked for seven and a half years at the District Attorney’s Office as a Victim Witness Advocate, helping to guide people through very difficult times as they navigated the court system. She now supports people with creating a home and environment to best suit their lifestyle. Erin’s work can be found on www.erincandeloro.com