Adcore and Amphy

In the darkest time of the 2020 pandemic, as many companies scrambled in chaos, Adcore saw opportunity. A new market was being born, and no-one was meeting the demand.


As an innovative, fast-moving company, Adcore leveraged their experience, team and technology to launch the largest marketplace for live recreation and knowledge – Amphy. Since then, Amphy has grown to offer over a thousand classes and experiences across over 80 categories to users around the world, and is growing at remarkable speed.


For kids, teens and adults, Amphy is now a centre of their hybrid life, where they go for everything from learning a new language with a private tutor, joining a cooking class taught by a MasterChef and staying committed to their fitness goals with personal trainers and nutritionists.


Join the community of thousands of Amphy users around the globe today at