A Day in The Life of Silvia N.

What I enjoy about my role

The thing that I enjoy most about my role as a teacher is that I can share what I know with other individuals. It is a vital element of not only providing me with value through growing my skills, but also through seeing others implement ideas. I am also excited that I can meet such amazing individuals and that their stories can be evident in the pieces they create.

Diversity of the artistic options. The presence of different mediums of painting provides an opportunity to have different results for the same painting. Recently, incorporating digital drawing to my artistic process has enabled me to create in different settings as the only requirement is my tablet. Therefore, I can do artistic studies and choose to switch that to my acrylic or gouache mediums for the final piece.

I also find teaching to be a healing process. I am able to challenge myself to show each part of my process including the mistakes. When I started my journey, I only experienced perfectionism from online classes. Therefore, I struggled to accept mistakes I made in paintings. However, once I started to teach, I learned how to incorporate all this portions of the process to the result. The change has ensured that I can find joy in creating with others since I can show even my errors without experiencing judgement. Therefore, I find working as an artist to be a healing experience.

My daily routine

I tend to vary my routine during different work seasons. Therefore, it varies from waking up at 5AM and working out or at 6AM and preparing to leave for the office. I don’t mind this agile approach since I also have different work schedules during times when I have more personal art work and less of it.

What is understandable information input?

Wake up
Work out for 30 min at my home.
Or 0600
Wake up and get ready for my normal job. This occurs on days where I prefer to work out in the evening or had more work in the night.
As I have grown older, I am not as strict with this portion since I understand it is more informed by the amount of work I handle the night before. But I always try to be in bed by 11PM latest on days I have to go to the office.
Commute to work. There is traffic in our city (like most regions) more so because we rely on road for most commutes.
I tend to walk for around 20 minutes everyday during the commute. Therefore, this is a refreshing part of my day (especially when I am well rested).
Review my daily plan for work and ensure that I have covered all the projects I am interested in working on.
Work on any tasks that need immediate handling. I also reach out to clients to understand their project requirements. I have brief meetings during this time (ranging from 5-10min) to consult on any additional factors clients need to be aware of as the company handles their projects.
I disconnect completely from work during this time. I also don’t entertain work questions from colleagues (as these can wait an hour). I prefer adopting this model to ensure that I can rest and be effective and focused during the evening hours. Therefore, I eat my food, watch something on YouTube (often a relaxing art/food video). I also chat with my work colleagues and get to share my experiences as a teacher, while encouraging others to explore the option.
I work on less demanding work during this time. in some cases, I also choose to read a book on some business subjects. This is mainly because I can leave the book halfway without wondering about the storyline. Therefore, I prefer business to fiction during this time. I also leave the office once its 1700 to ensure I am early to get home.

After hours

This is often the time I get to work on online teaching and my creative projects, since I can focus heavily on the same. I also have a balance of watching some YouTube or a Movie for an hour to just relax. I enjoy doing so with movies running subtitles as I can be fully immersed for a moment. I also take some time to plan my next projects and work on pending artwork.


During weekends, I love going to parks to see animals and just be in the terrain. I enjoy road trips to hiking with my friends. On other days, I prefer to go out alone and have a meal to appreciate myself. I also keep singing and dancing all week long.

About the author:

Silvia has been a freelance artist for the past 7 years and 3 years ago she started teaching her skills.

Her focus has been a balance of art and business. Showing how individuals can incorporate skills from business to develop their passion.
This has been successful in posting classes and YouTube videos to her audience. Silvia admits that she thoroughly enjoys the process.