A Day in The Life of Samar S

Tell us a little more about you and what you do

Hello, my name is Samar, I am a community tutor on many sites online and I am also Italian instructor in Alexandria my city since 2014.

I speak 4 languages Arabic English Italian and Greek.

I would like to learn more languages such as Spanish, Turkish and Russian.

I graduated from faculty of arts greek and roman studies in 2013.

In 2016 I won a scholarship in Greece and I finished level B1 in Aristotele University in Thessaloniki.

What do you enjoy the most about your work?

I love this job because I am the only one who controls the time and the salary, I also love it because i don’t only teach others but I also learn from them.

Teaching helps me in forgetting my problems and in controlling the overthinking.

I adore online tutoring because it allows me to meet people from many different countries with different backgrounds and cultures.

Your Daily Routine

I wake up at 8:00 am and sometimes at 10:am if I am tired. I have my breakfast and I talk with my mother a little bit then I feed my cat before I prepare myself to go to my work or to start my online lessons.

If I have to go to work in Alexandria my city I go out of home at 1:00 pm so I can arrive at my work location easily and not to be late for the lesson. I start the lesson at 2:00 pm and at 4:00 pm I start another lesson. I finish at 6:00 pm and after that I decide if I will have a walk or if I will return home quickly if I have online lessons.

I don’t have a fixed work or fixed working hours.

When I return home I eat and drink a cup of tea while trying to relax and rest after giving lessons
I sleep everyday at 12:00 am or 1:00 am maximum after checking my email and working calendar.

Unfortunately I should care more lunch and dinner but being busy makes it hard for me to eat my favourite food.


When I return back to my home I just want to relax and to eat something because I am always hungry after teaching many lessons and to drink a cup of tea watching short TV shows and sometimes I fall asleep without eating or drinking anything.


In general if I resist and don’t fall asleep I check my emails, wash my clothes and prepare for the lessons of the following day before going to sleep.

About the author:

Samar is Egyptian and studied Archaeology, Greek and Roman studies, she graduated 2013. Samar speaks 4 languages and would be happy to help anyone learn the languages she speaks. In 2016 Samar won a scholarship and went to Greece, Thessaloniki for a modern Freek program. Learning languages is one of her hobbies as she likes to know about other cultures and other ways of living and seeing our world.