A Day in The Life of Nidhi M

Who are you and what do you do?

I am an adventurer at heart and a multipotentialite. I fuel several areas of interest to keep my life fulfilled. I am a serial entrepreneur, marketing and personal branding consultant for individuals, professionals and entrepreneurs, published author, TedX speaker and a danseuse. A hands-on mother of two wonderful children and two dogs, a yoga practitioner, a lifelong learner and a skydiver!

My career is focused on creating new entrepreneurs and making existing entrepreneurs grow and become sustainable. I am committed to improving people’s professional opportunities and helping my clients find fulfilment in their life and at work.

With over 20 years of international experience across USA & Asia, I have helped several startups in building and scaling their businesses. After having founded and sold two startups, I founded SelfAchievers.com in 2020 to work in the setting up and scaling of startups from Ideation to Angel investment. I specialize in helping startups create strategies to become financially sustainable and profitable quickly to ensure higher rate of success and to build their brand organically from Day 1!

Tell us more about your accomplishments

Entrepreneurship Expert: A serial silicon valley garage start-up entrepreneur who has sold two companies(in USA & India). A visiting faculty on Entrepreneurship at various BSchools and trainer for Women Entrepreneurship


Marketing & Brand Expert: For Solopreneurs, Professionals, Startups, women and student entrepreneurs.


KeyNote & TedX Speaker: On “Entrepreneurship for Women” and “Fueling your career from your passion”


Bollywood Coach: I conduct corporate and experiential workshops across the globe in Bangladesh, France, Thailand, Indonesia, USA, Singapore, India, UAE, Japan and Malaysia. Through BollyBeatz I combine my passion for dance with my love for bollywood music and fitness to create and conduct weekly classes for corporate wellness & team building and for fitness studios.


Outreach: Trained more than 10000 participants through my dance workshops | Created and overhauled more than 300 LinkedIn profiles and social media personal branding profiles | Conducted 58 corporate workshops globally; 25 speaker events and 20 coaching & consulting assignments including with United Nations to improve business results


Community outreach: I collaborate with NGOs and do dance workshops for fundraising. I conduct bootcamps on #RefugeeEntrepreneurship to help refugee women become economically independent.

What do you enjoy most about your work

All my work whether it is dance or Consulting is to EMPOWER others, I love connecting with people, knowing their journey and becoming a part of it. I love being the catalyst to improving someone’s life or bringing joy into their lives…. That’s what i enjoy the most and yes the fact that both my companies take me around the globe for work and i love to travel so i love that.

Your Daily Routine

6:30am: I try to wake up at 630 am, drink two tall glasses of lukewarm water and go for my morning walk and run (total 8 km) and then do my yoga and stretching exercises followed by meditation.


930am: I return home and speak my first word with anyone..

I practice intermittent fasting so till about 11am I only consume two glasses of green tea, a glass of hibiscus tea and then break my fast with a bowl of overnight soaked raw peanuts, walnuts, almonds and raisins. I eat dates and figs and a banana. That’s my breakfast. Sometimes if the workday is heavy I indulge in a cup of coffee

11-2pm: I get to my desk after showering and refreshing and paying attention to house care. I work on my consulting assignments, mentorship, zoom meets, calls till 2pm.

2pm: I break for lunch which consists of a glass of fresh coconut water and sprouted salad.

3-4pm: I work again and then if i have a virtual class i break or continue work till 5

5-7pm: I go to my studios to run my offline dance classes.

7:30pm: I love to cook fresh and healthy meals for my family. We don’t do take outs and eating out is more of a celebration ritual. We grow all our herbs organically in our vegetable garden and I use them to make Italian, Mexican, Indian, Chinese, Thai and American meals. I am an author of a book “Soulful Dining” and I host premium private dining 4 course dinners for travelers to Jaipur in my home setting based on their preferences.

We eat together as a family and I live with my parents in-laws so we all stay together. I love the support system I have with both my parents and in-laws and it’s been a blessing in the way our kids have been brought up. Like they say It takes a village to bring up good kids.

I am able to travel for work and dance workshops because I have a strong support system at home and I am grateful for that

8pm: Dinnertime

9pm: I try to get to bed and usually my bedtime ritual is to read a chapter of an inspirational book, write my gratitude journal with everything I am thankful for in the day that passed by and then retire to bed. Weekends are usually late nights and social gatherings and parties with close friends.


Once a quarter I contribute my 10 days of service running Transformational personal growth and leadership programmes for a company called ImpossibleTransformations.com to help others find purpose in life and to live a more meaningful life.They are doing some remarkable work and I personally found a lot of self healing and calmness when I did this programme after I lost my only sibling in 2020 to cancer.


Life truly is what we make of it. It’s important for each one of us to take the time out to invest in our growth, personal time, enjoying what we love doing, loving ourselves and others and most of all having fun so we live with no regrets!



I would love to connect with you if you are reading this ….. Look me up on LinkedIn and connect with me @ https://www.linkedin.com/in/nidhibanthiamehta/ or email me on nidhibanthiamehta@gmail.com

I hope to see you in one of my classes on Amphy and experience the joy of what I teach. My Amphy class can be found at https://lnkd.in/eYct3TCW and my dance journey can be read on www.bollybeatz.com



Stay Blessed and Stay Authentic!
Love from the Pink City

About the author:

Nidhi is a Professional Dancer, Performer, Teacher & Choreographer with over 19 years experience in the fitness industry. She has an MBA and twenty years of entrepreneurial experience. She is a TedX speaker and speaks passionately about how to fuel your career through your passion.