Here are five reasons why you should learn first aid online.

Allows You to Act Quickly

In any type of emergency, every minute matters. Waiting for an ambulance to arrive could waste precious time, leading to additional injury or even death. First aid allows you to administer on-the-spot, instantaneous treatment.


For example, CPR can triple a person’s chances of survival if they experience a cardiac arrest. Basic techniques can also stop blood loss, clear airway obstructions, and more. Many simple and effective first aid strategies require no special equipment so that you can perform them anywhere and at any time.


When you learn first aid online, you’ll be taught the following basic strategies:
-Dressing Wounds – Treat cuts and scrapes by stopping the bleeding, cleaning the wound, and applying bandages.
-Creating a Makeshift Splint or Sling – This allows you to immobilize a broken bone or other injuries to prevent additional damage.
-CPR – CPR helps keep someone alive during a cardiac event.
-Heimlich Maneuver – By applying abdominal thrusts, you can help yourself or someone else when choking.
-How to Treat Shock – A sudden drop in blood pressure can render someone dazed or even unconscious.


Another key element of first aid training is that you’ll learn how to properly use all of the equipment in a standard first aid kit.

Helps Family and Friends

Understanding basic first aid not only helps you protect yourself but also everyone you’re around, such as family members and co-workers.


For example, many heart attacks occur in bed. During the last phase of sleep, the heart beats quickly and consumes a high quantity of oxygen, making it an especially dangerous time for anyone with an existing heart condition.


While a total stranger could experience a medical event in public, you’re far more likely to use your first aid skills on the people you see every day, such as your spouse, children, or parents. Understanding basic first aid can keep your loved ones safe.


It also shows them how much you care for their well-being. Many people decide to take a first aid class after getting married or learning they’re about to become parents. Plus, it’s a useful skill to have if you’re often around seniors or other vulnerable populations.

Prevents a Medical Situation from Deteriorating

First aid isn’t necessarily focused on completely curing every ailment. Instead, it’s about stabilizing an issue until professional help arrives. Examples of this type of care include stopping bleeding, putting a limb in a splint, or clearing an airway.

Additionally, first aid treatment can provide pain relief and help reduce the injured person’s fear. First aid instruction will teach you how to remain calm and confident when applying treatment, which in turn keeps the patient feeling comfortable, too. Reducing panic can have immediate medical benefits by slowing a racing heart and allowing for deep breathing.

The sooner you can provide treatment, the better the outcome. Simple first aid procedures can be the difference between a temporary injury and a long-term disability. For instance, performing CPR immediately after cardiac arrest increases the chances of surviving without brain damage by 9.7%.

Improves Workplace Safety

Over 2.5 million people are injured each year while at their place of employment.


The three most common causes of work-related injuries are the following:
-Contact with objects and equipment (such as a machine on an assembly line)
-Bodily reactions (such as overexertion, dehydration, or heart failure)
-Slips, falls, and trips


All of these scenarios can result in scenarios where fast action is needed. Someone with first aid training can immediately step in to help stabilize the situation by stopping any bleeding, performing CPR, or otherwise taking appropriate action.


Ideally, every workplace should have at least one employee on the premises who knows how to perform first aid. Not only can they help in an emergency, but they can also identify any potential hazards. A person with first aid training can help reduce a company’s potential liability.


Plus, first aid training can make you more employable. If a job or position requires first aid certification, you can meet those requirements, potentially increasing your job opportunities and pay.

Boosts Confidence

Understanding first aid procedures helps boost feelings of confidence and security. If an emergency situation occurs, you’ll know what actions to take. Possessing first aid skills allows you to move through the world with self-assuredness.

If an emergency occurs, an untrained person will likely hesitate because they won’t know what treatments to administer. But first aid classes teach you how to take instant, automatic action when necessary.

Additionally, understanding first aid helps prevent accidents and injuries from occurring. As you learn first aid skills, you’ll also gain a detailed understanding of many potential dangers you could face at home, work, and elsewhere. When you know what potential problems can result in injury, you can take steps to avoid them.

Finally, learning first aid can help overcome what’s called the Bystander Effect. When an emergency occurs in public, sometimes people are reluctant to help because they think other people will take action instead. However, when you know first aid, you’ll feel comfortable intervening and providing assistance.

Learn from Home

Most first aid strategies use simple, straightforward techniques that require no special equipment. Even better, you can learn CPR and first aid without leaving your home. If you learn first aid online, you’ll gain all the knowledge found in a traditional class, only in a much more convenient setting.

Stay prepared and protected from accidents and injuries by learning first aid basics. You could one day save a life — possibly even your own!