Top 10 Places to Learn Fashion Design Online

Aspiring fashion designers used to move to New York, Paris, or Milan to learn their craft, but now, you can learn fashion design online through courses from learning platforms such as Amphy and others. Online fashion designing classes can take you from dreaming of being a designer to becoming one. Before long, you’ll be creating your patterns and fashioning bolts of fabric into haute couture, runway-worthy fashions. Polishing your sense of style is a benefit to online fashion design classes. Building a variety of looks can help you make the most of the clothing you already own, and you might learn how to make some eye-catching wardrobe additions.


Top 10 Places to Learn Cocktails Online

You can learn how to make cocktails from basic to complex, all from the comfort of your own home. Whether you want to impress your friends and family in an at-home happy hour or become a certified mixologist, there are plenty of online cocktail classes that will teach you everything from a perfect Dirty Martini to craft cocktails. As learning has been shifting to online for ease and safety, numerous online mixology classes are available. They range from those that will give you and your friends a cocktail party with lessons in mixing up beverages of choice to those that might result in career skills and a new job as a certified mixologist.


Top 10 Places to Learn Meditation Online

After the craziness of the past few years, you might be craving some mental rest and peace. Meditation is a great way to accomplish inner peace without having to leave your home. However, it can seem almost impossible to start meditating without getting distracted, thinking about what makes you anxious, or getting fidgety. Mindfulness meditation isn’t just about sitting still for a few minutes--it’s about allowing your brain to focus on where you are in the present moment.


Top 10 Places To Learn English Online

If you want to learn English, you are not alone! English is the most commonly studied language in the world and is an international standard in many countries. However, it can be tough to start learning a new language. How do you do it without leaving your home? Of course, the ideal way to learn a language is through immersion. If you can’t move to a country that speaks English or want to get a headstart before you visit, there are many free online resources to increase your language skills.


How to Truly Feel The Benefits of Yoga-On & Off the Mat

In a bout of misery and defeat, I typed into Google: “What are the benefits of yoga?” Numerous articles threw around promises like: “Find more inner peace”. I was so excited by these promises that I went to my local studio practically every day and did a different class. Even though I loved the classes and did have the endorphin high after class, it wasn’t trickling into my everyday life. I still found myself stressed at work and beating myself up over small things. I didn’t feel that high self-confidence, and I most definitely did not feel inner peace.


Diets Don’t Work

If you’ve ever tried going on a diet before, in hopes of losing that stubborn weight and keeping it off for good, you’re not alone! Most people (women in particular) have tried at least one fad diet in their lifetime, with the goal of fast tracking their weight loss attempts. The problem? The restrictive nature of these diets is unsustainable long term, and the majority of people regain over eighty percent or more of that weight within five years.1 Chronic dieting is one of the greatest predictors of future weight gain!


What my Personal Meditation Practice Taught Me

I learned to meditate in my late twenties. Prior to it I started practicing yoga and relaxations when I was around fifteen years old. First, I was told meditation is a kind of relaxation. However, when I learned to practice meditation with the guidance of my meditation teacher, thirty years ago and started to meditate daily, I realized that meditation is the process of training our untrained minds to better manage its thoughts, emotions, and feelings.


The Concept of Teen – Parent Communication

It’s often said that communication is the key to a healthy relationship. While it might sound like tired advice, it’s a skill worth learning that will help us do better in all our relationships. As your child grows up, the way you communicate with them will need to change to reflect the new boundaries in your relationship created by their increasing independence. Discovering these new and different approaches to communicating effectively with one another will be a learning experience for you both.


How to Combat Perfectionist Habits That Might be Holding You Back

At first glance, it sounds like being a perfectionist would be a good thing, right? Perfectionism might be undermining your success, happiness, and health. Rather than pushing you forward in life, it could be holding you back. Perfectionists tend to accomplish less than other people do and feel more unhappiness and stress as a result of their work and personal lives. Read on to see how your perfectionism could be holding you back


How I Lost 15kg and Toned Up Without Spending Hours at the Gym

Do you want to lose weight or start exercising more but the thought of spending hours at the gym each week puts you off? Or maybe you want to reach your gym fitness goals but all the workouts and machines to use just seem way too intimidating? Or maybe you’re struggling to get started because you’re feeling so lethargic but you know that what will make you feel better is exercise? Read this article to find out my top tips for starting an exercise routine and seeing results!


Three Questions to Ask Yourself When Organizing Your Closet

Physical things, including clothes, carry energy. So it is very important to make sure you clear out anything that doesn’t help you feel your absolute best. Now, this does not mean you need to throw out everything you own; it is a process that involves learning what serves you best. Just because your friends love certain things, doesn’t mean you do too; therefore, you need to really think about what you love and what makes you feel like your best self. I have found that I ask myself the same questions every time I declutter, and I think they will help you too.


Interactive Online Music Lessons

At Amphy, interactive online music lessons are when the student and the teacher meet each other through Zoom videoconferencing software. Studying with a qualified teacher is not the same as going on to YouTube and trying to learn by yourself—with actual interactive online lessons your teacher will actually be evaluating you by watching and listening to you while you play! In this article I will outline some equipment that you will need in order to take online music lessons.


Embracing Change with the Help of Mindfulness

Often when people hear the word “change” they respond with a sense of caution or reluctance. I used to be one of those people. When we think of change, we might think of a move, changing jobs or having a baby. These changes can create a great deal of stress and uncertainty in one’s life. They can also create a great deal of excitement, optimism and resilience. With the help of mindfulness, I discovered that can lean into change and become aware of new possibilities in my life.