Virtual Tour: Darwin’s Path in Rio de Janeiro

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Virtual Tour: Darwin’s Path in Rio de Janeiro-1Virtual Tour: Darwin’s Path in Rio de Janeiro-2
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While in Rio, Charles Darwin made several short trips to the forests around town, including Niteroi city. Come on a virtual trip and find out about his paths in Brasil.

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On this virtual live stream session we will share a little bit of the Marvellous city escapes and beautiful mountains by the coast, its biomass' vegetation and all the views from the hill top.

While in Rio de Janeiro, Darwin made several short trips to the forests around town, including Tijuca Forest, visits to the Botanical Garden, hike to Corcovado Hill (more than once), among others. Darwin’s research on board of the HMS Beagle was the foundation for his classic masterpiece “Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection,” published in 1859. 

In the core of Tiririca range, during the famous round-the-world voyage aboard the HMS Beagle, the British naturalist Charles Darwin stayed in Rio de Janeiro for a few months, when he went on several expeditions into our forests. On the first expedition, Darwin followed an old trail on horseback to Macaé. On April 8th, 1832, upon his arrival and meal at Itaocaia , a nineteenth-century farm, he wrote about the Tiririca Range’s amazing beauty.

On this virtual tour we will talk about climate change, and Darwin's theory of the Evolution of the Especies, using the city's views to illustrate his paths.

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Storyteller, arts educator, and tour guide, three main activities that I love. Photography, art of living, and traveling three hobbies I have been cultivating since graduation at the University of Fine Arts, in Brazil. I am a travel agent and an alumn from the University of Oregon, USA.

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