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In these Spanish lessons, we will study all the aspects of the Spanish language based on your level. This is a private 1-on-1 class where I personalize class for each student. The best way to learn Spanish online.

What you'll learn

Do you want to learn Spanish online as an absolute beginner? Or do you want to advance to the next level? In these Spanish lessons, we will study all the aspects of the Spanish language based on your level using personalized material for you. As a Spanish tutor, I give private online Spanish lessons.  In every Spanish lesson, the student gets my undivided attention. Without all the outside distractions is the best way to learn Spanish online. So if there is anything in particular that you want to learn, don't be afraid to ask. Asking questions is encouraged and helps you get the most out of your Spanish lessons. You'll be amazed by how much you can learn in a short amount of time with a good Spanish tutor.
There are so many good reasons to learn Spanish. For one it is the language of romance. This makes it fun to speak and satisfying to listen to. It's a popular language for travelers to learn because of all the beautiful places you can visit where they speak Spanish.  And everyone knows that the best way to find activities while traveling is by asking the locals.
When you speak to the locals in their first language it makes them happy and they share the best information with you. Plus you can ask for directions from anyone if you get lost.
Another good reason to learn Spanish is for business. A lot of Latin American businesses are entering the market. This is boosting the importance of the Spanish language for dealings in the global economy. Learning Spanish gives you a new powerful tool to use in the business world.
And of course, people learn Spanish for personal reasons. Whether to communicate better with a relative, to watch your favorite Spanish TV show or movie, or because you love learning new things.
Book a lesson with me today for whatever reason you want to learn Spanish. As I mentioned above, every lesson I teach is personalized to the needs of the student. So this Spanish lesson is truly for everyone. Hasta luego!

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Meet Daniel Gonzalez,

Your teacher

I graduated in Hispanic Philology with a master’s degree in Teaching Spanish as a Second Language at University of Sevilla with more than 3 years of experience teaching Spanish to students from different nationalities, countries, ages and levels (from absolutely begginer to C2). I have worked with USA and Erasmus university students, refugees with any knowledge of Spanish, British, Chinese or Koreans students, among others. For doing that I have prepared personalized lessons based on the needs and interests of the students. Also, I’m an official DELE Examiner certified by Instituto Cervantes who has helped a lot of students to get their Spanish level certificated in different levels.

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