Rio's Tropical Beach Blast Series

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60 min

And the pick of the day is... Ipanema!

What you'll learn

Rio's beaches are internationally known for their natural beauty. Virtualy dive into these wonders and find out what they look like, choose your favorite spots. Step barefeet onto their white sands, feel the heat, refresh under the shade with coconut water, and feel embraced by its waters to heal your body and soul.  All of these only possible if you actualy come by... but guess what? With our tropical climate, it's apparently, Summer time in Brasil... even if you're on Winter, Dayream... 
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Jan 01-07, 1970

Learn ,nature.nature,, with Kelly T | Amphy

Kelly Tavares

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Storyteller, arts educator, and tour guide, three main activities that I love. Photography, art of living, and traveling three hobbies I have been cultivating since graduation at the University of Fine Arts, in Brazil. I am a travel agent and an alumn from the University of Oregon, USA.

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