Smash Ultimate Lessons (One on One)

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60 min
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This class will focus on the neutral game and other habits that might need to be changed/altered

What you'll learn

I will teach you how to improve your neutral gameplay, help try to break bad habits which can be exploited by player, potential combo routes (if you want help with this) and anything else you would be interested in learning (matchups included).

This class is perfect for

People who are passionate about Smash Ultimate and want to improve at the game.
Learn ,, with Lucio M | Amphy

Meet Lucio Masini,

Your teacher

Playing video games since I was little, Mostly focus on Smash Ultimate now but can play other games as well (League, Dead by daylight and most Fps games).

What to bring

Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Online, (Lan adapter - Optional)

How to participate

emailHead to your confirmation email or booking page, and click the button to join the stream.
zoom callIf you haven’t already, download Zoom for free on your computer or smartphone in advance.