Exploring Stories For Kids: Creative Writing

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60 min
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Exploring the main ideas of stories, analyzing characters, improve writing skills, story themes, and brainstorming your own story ideas.

What you'll learn

Your class will be personalized according to your own needs and preferences. The basic outline of the class will consist of analyzing stories in order to understand the main idea behind it and to understand what we learn from stories. Most classes will have a short story as central focus, but students can request to analyze longer stories as well. We will focus on characterization, story themes, and how we can relate personally. Another aspect of the story will include improving your writing skills and brainstorming your own story ideas to give them shape and life.

This class is perfect for

Child writers
Story tellers
Improvement of basic writing skills
Understanding stories better
Linking stories to personal lives
Brainstorming story ideas
Improving reading skills
Parents, au pairs, tutors
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Meet André Noordeman,

Your teacher

With regard to my ability to meet the specific requirements of an online Drama & English teacher:  I completed my 160 Hour Advanced TEFL course and received my certification accredited by ACCREDITAT.  I’ve had over 2 year’s exposure to the online teaching industry and structures.  I’ve had the opportunities to teach English as well as Drama lessons online with classes of one-on-one, 4 students per class, and I’ve also taught bigger classes for public schools with classes of more than 30 students.  I’ve designed and structured my own drama presentations and English classes with my own resources for drama classes.  I have experience in teaching reading and conversational English online using self-designed material.  I’ve designed and practiced self-made educational games and activities during online classes.  I’ve done several small lessons and lesson introduction recordings for pre-class exposure.  With regards to entertainment & communication, I’ve had extensive training in working closely with children, during and after my degree.  I’ve worked as a facilitator at various educational institutions & entertainment companies with the emphasis on building self-confidence, public performance, reading, writing, and lesson-based puppetry on the subjects of health, food, general manners, morals & values, social behavior, and more.  Educational Project Design and theatre/puppetry performance is another extremely valued part of my training and experience with child-based work.  Extreme attention to verbal and written use of language to ensure proper communication has always been highly prioritized.  Self-training in child education, problem-focused guidance, and working out class structures & presentations, also fall under my skills.  My extremely good eye for detail has always been supportive with regards to preparation, presentation, and creating an appropriate atmosphere. I believe I have the necessary creative skills and resourcefulness to be a perfect fit for this position. I'm a good communicator and have a natural sense of what children are drawn to on a local and international level. Over the years I've also gained experience in trend following and general social interests such as cultural activities and relevant upcoming events. Staying updated about local surroundings and international developments is extremely important when it comes to learning any new skill, especially a new language. I’m able to draw attention to the right aspects with a creative approach to activate interest.

What to bring

A curious interest in the world of stories and a creative thinking brain.

How to participate

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