English-Teaching and Tutoring for Children

with Verified Teacher
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60 min
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Teaching and Tutoring Services for Children-Focusing on Reading, Pronunciation, Writing skills. This is a course tailored to your child's specific needs. Summer Learning fun!

What you'll learn

We will have fun!  All things English and Language Arts...After the first lesson, the course will be specialized for your child's specific needs and interests.  We will communicate where your child is at and parallel with their school or homeschooling goals.  A great way to improve in the Summer when school is out!

This class is perfect for

Children, Students
Learn ,kids-languages.english, with Suzannah H | Amphy

Meet Suzannah Hammond,

Your teacher

Years of online and in person teaching and tutoring experience! I am a fully licensed teacher in 2 countries-Canada and Australia. I have taught all ages levels and subjects in many countries around the world. I am also an artist. I seek to incorporate STEAM principals in all my experiences.

What to bring

A computer! Any work that they wish to apply this knowledge too. Previous school work, or hobbies, books or interests.

How to participate

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