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Improve your kid's chess skills, no matter what level they are at! Learn to play chess the fun way. If you are looking for a safe, fun, and educational activity for your kids then look no further. Chess classes for kids are made for you.

What you'll learn

These private lessons are made for kids to learn chess. It's no secret that kids learn differently than adults. I will make my classes fun and engaging to accommodate their learning style. 

Chess for kids can be incredibly enjoyable. If you're looking for the perfect after-school activity for kids, there's nothing better than online chess classes.

My approach is based on principles and logic. In this computer age, far too many players study chess in a robotic fashion without really understanding the moves. These chess lessons will teach kids how to have fun playing the game while learning serious skills.

My aim is to instill a love and passion for chess, and a desire to continuously improve. Your kids will learn to play chess while playing the game for fun. After a few chess classes for kids, they could be toppling down world champions in chess.

Some people think, how is chess for kids? Many people might think that chess is an adult game because it is complicated. The truth is that not only is chess for kids, but some of the best chess players ever are kids.

Did you know that the youngest chess Grandmaster was only 12 years and 4 months old? Abhimanyu Mishra becomes the youngest Grandmaster ever coming from New Jersey and originally India. This shows you that age is just a number. Anyone, no matter what age, can beat titled chess players with enough practice.

As a matter of fact, the best way to become a Grandmaster is to start when you're young. So if your kids are still young this is the perfect opportunity to set them up on the path to greatness.

Chess for kids is great fun, but it also has strong benefits on mental health. For young developing minds, playing the game forces them to exercise their brain. Just like how kids need to run around and play to stay physically healthy, they need to use their brains to stay mentally healthy.

Playing chess improves children's cognitive abilities such as decision making, critical thinking, memory, and more. By playing a game they are actually getting smarter.

These benefits of chess classes for kids will prove useful in the future as they take on life's challenges with advanced mental strength.

Book a class with me today to give your kids some wholesome and fun activities. Don't worry about dropping them off and picking them up from a physical location. You can entertain your kids while they get smarter all from the comfort of your own home. Let's discover the beauty of chess together and have some fun! 

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My focus is on helping chess players develop their potential. I provide chess coaching for all levels and ages. I run an International Chess Academy based in South Africa Author of 'The Power of Chess' and 'Powerful Chess Insights'

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