Chess for Kids Beginners: How to Play & Win

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Chess for Kids Beginners: How to Play & Win-0Chess for Kids Beginners: How to Play & Win-1
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45 min
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Chess for Kids Beginners: How to Play & Win-0

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Chess for beginners, שחמט למתחילים. Learn chess from a pro coach in either English or Hebrew. Subject matter personalized to each student's individual needs. Let's play chess!

What you'll learn

You will learn how to play chess and win :) This class is chess for beginners so no level of skill is needed to join. Whether you're looking to learn how to play chess from the very beginning, or you want to improve your skills, this class is for you. We'll cover all the basics that will take you from zero to hero. Are you ready to see what your full potential truly is?

Learn chess with a pro for an individualized coaching experience. Depending on what you're looking for I will have different approaches to teaching. Get the guidance you need while learning how to play chess.
Some topics we can cover include:

The rules of chess and how to win.
How to move each piece in the game.
Chess for beginners tactics.
Choosing the best move.
Proper thinking techniques for playing.
And personal tips on how to improve your game.
The best way to learn chess is with a human coach. By having another person training you you are able to see mistakes that you wouldn't have on your own. Private online lessons give you the focus and individual care you need to maximize the benefits. Even Magnus Carleson, arguably the greatest chess player in the world, had a coach in his peak performance.
How great is it that we live at a time where live online classes are possible, connecting us from anywhere in the world?
Chess players are known for being sharp-minded. The quickness in decision making and thinking ahead gained from chess can be applied to any area of life. That's why we often see old people playing chess in public parks for example. By playing every day these older folks are keeping their mind active and thinking. The benefits of playing chess include improved short-term memory, critical thinking, decisiveness, and more. So playing chess is not only fun but also healthy!
Book a class with me today and learn how to play chess and win games. We'll get to know each other and practice playing while growing in skill. Take a few minutes from your day to invest in yourself, you won't regret it!

This class is perfect for

Anyone of all ages
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Meet Dror Weiss,

Your teacher

I teach chess for beginners, in Hebrew and English, for the last 7 years. Try and see I bet you will like my way of teaching :) I love to teach children, and have a different approach towards any individual. I have a lighter approach and insist to enjoy the journey :) מלמד שחמט למתחילים בעברית ואנגלית ב7 שנים האחרונות. מלמד ילדים ומבוגרים. מאוד אוהב ללמד שחמט. אני מאמין שכל אחד חומד בצורה שונה ולכן אני מלמד לפי האינדיוידאל שמולי :) חשוב לי מאוד שהשיעור יהיה באווירה טובה, כיפית ומהנה.

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