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Live online lessons based on a personalized program for each student. If you're serious about learning how to improve at chess, then live online lessons on chess are for you.

What you'll learn

Your teacher will make an individual program for improving chess. The program material will be based on the student's knowledge and inclinations. Each student will have their own organized training regiment to reach their goals and objectives.

If you want to know how to improve at chess, a good teacher is what will do the trick. You can learn chess online and connect with people from anywhere in the world. I'll be able to teach you things you will find difficult learning on your own.

Learn chess online from an experienced teacher who trained young chess players to become champions.  Practice and analyze games to see what you do well and what you need to work on. A good chess teacher will take the time to find what you need and point you in that direction.
The most important thing is to enjoy playing in addition to hard work. If you want to learn how to improve at chess you must also have fun. Chess is a challenge and a puzzle but don't forget, it's also a game. It is a game that's thoughtful and engages the mind but a game nonetheless and should be fun.
Did you know that 605 million adults play chess around the world? That's a huge amount of the adult population on earth. If you want to join this ongoing community then look no further. Learn chess online with me and improve your chess game. Live online lessons give you the motivation to continue your chess journey. With enough hard work, practice, and positivity you could be a Grandmaster. 
In my past coaching experience, I've trained young players to become grandmasters. Among the several extraordinary pupils, I've coached is Grandmaster Predojević Borki. This student of mine is the European Champion U10 and U 14, World champion U16.
Book this lesson and you could be like him too and play against Magnus Carlsen as he did. Let's be honest, nobody can say that their chess game is so flawless that no coaching will help improve their game. Let's practice together and see what you're truly capable of.

This class is perfect for

For intermediate to advanced level or anyone who wants to improve own level of chess.
Learn ,chess.chess, with Jovan T | Amphy

Meet Jovan Todorovic,

Your teacher

I've been a chess coach since 2000. I've had several extraordinary pupils, now grandmasters, amongst them GM Predojević Borki, Europian Champion U10 and U 14, World champion U16, Multiple Sarajevo GM Super tournament participant, member of the Bosnian Olympic team (see on youtube his 4 games match against Magnus Carlsen from 2013.) and GM Sedlak Nikola, Champion of Serbia 2010, Olympic gold medalist (single fourth board). Coach of the student national team of Serbia for the last 10 years. Since 2012, works as the CEO of Chess Acadamy of Belgrade Chess Club, coaching several very talented young prospects. In 2018 worked as a coach of Japanese juniors. I works as a professor of physics in high school in Belgrade since 2005. In 2017 and 2018 lectured Chess as an elective course at Belgrade University of Sport and Physical Education. State exam degree ( includes psychology and pedagogy). Knowledge of a classical chess heritage and history, updated with knowledge of modern chess technologies.

What to bring

Open mind and good will.
Not necessary but it would be very useful to have an account in online platform

How to participate

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