Fun Activity Paper Crafts for Stress Relief

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30 min
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Escape into creativity as a tool for stress relief by making simple paper crafts for adults.

What you'll learn

Participants will make simple paper craft puppets while learning about emotions and feelings through Emoji Art. The session will begin with a welcome and brief puppetry lesson gearing into a discussion of breathing and stress triggers that affect us throughout our daily routines getting right into making paper emoji puppets. This class is a wonderful opportunity to let go of all the grown-up stuff and escape into some fun for just a little while. You will be amazed at what you will get out of this session.  

Materials Needed: white paper, colourful construction paper, markers, scissors, tape, glue stick or white craft glue and sticks or dowels. 

This class is perfect for

Anyone that would like to escape into creativity making simple paper craft puppets as a stress relief from daily life and routine while exploring feelings, emotions, and FUN!
Learn ,kids-activities.activities, with Douglas H | Amphy

Meet Douglas Hurst,

Your teacher

Your teacher: With more than 15 years' experience in the early childhood education and not-for-profit sectors, Douglas brings a wealth of knowledge to alternative learning practices through visual, puppetry, and theatre arts. Douglas is a passionate artist, puppeteer, puppet maker, educator, producer, and community outreach facilitator for early childhood learners, school aged children, families, seniors, care-givers, educators, and parents. Learning through nature, mindfulness, puppets, play and fun, Douglas’ ultimate goal is to turn everyone into a puppeteer because puppeteers, if you didn’t know, are pretty awesome. What students need: An open mind and willingness to escape into creativity for an uplifting experience that is different and part of a safe space for natural expression.

What to bring

Workshop materials needed: white paper, colourful construction paper, markers, scissors, tape, white glue or glue stick, and sticks or dowels.

How to participate

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