Chess Strategy Class: Endgame for Beginners

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60 min
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Chess Strategy Class: Endgame for Beginners-0

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Welcome, all to a puzzle-filled fundamental chess class where the chess pieces become our new friends. Learn chess endgame strategy and improve your gameplay.

What you'll learn

Great Class that covers fundamental chess endgames both theoretical and well-known. CM Khanya M shall break down the material in an easily digestible way... Yum!

If you want to learn the chess strategy it takes to put your opponent in a checkmate then this is the class for you. Learn chess from an experienced CM live and online. This 60-minute private class is designed to give you the skills to become a master. Learn chess endgames to perfect your chess strategy and win more games.

Chess endgames are very important because they are literally how you end a game. Once it comes down to the last phase of the game, the endgame, players must get a checkmate and either win or lose the game. If neither player puts the other in a checkmate the game will continue. Sometimes they can last for days.
In 1999 Garry Kasparov, one of the best Grandmasters ever, played a chess game that lasted 4 months. Eventually, Kasparov ended up winning the match. This game lasted 62 turns and was actually against people from 75 countries. There were about 50,000 people who would vote on the next move and they would take the majority move. Can you believe it?

In case you didn't know, the chess endgame is the last phase of chess. There are openings, middlegame, and endgames. The endgame starts when most of the chess pieces are captured and only the king and a few ponds remain. At this point, there are very limited moves available to make. Chess strategy plays a big role in chess endgames in order to work with what's left. If a player manages to capture the king it is called checkmate and the game ends. Whoever is left with their king still alive wins.

Book a fun chess endgames class with me now to brush up on your chess skills. Mastering chess endgames will take you from an average chess player to a pro level threat. Take on stronger opponents, understand the workings of chess better, and perfect the craft. Let's play some chess!

This class is perfect for

New chess players 700+ elo/Intermediate players too 2000+ elo
Learn ,chess.chess, with Khanya M | Amphy

Meet Khanya Mazibuko,

Your teacher

Fide trainers and endgame specialist. Consistent and very fluent. check out my middlegame course on youtube for a sneak peak of all the fun to come!

What to bring

At least basic knowledge of how each piece works. But will be covered in the first class

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