Chess for Beginners: First Steps & Instructions

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If you need to learn how to play chess these online chess classes are for you. We'll learn chess for beginners including basic chess topics and instructions about any chess issue. Let's play!

What you'll learn

Learn everything you need to know in these private, 1-on-1, 30-minute online chess classes for beginners. I'll explain the basic chess rules and topics for beginners. With individual private lessons, I'll be able to assess your level and base the material on what you need to work on.
If you have experience in chess and want to improve, we'll handle more advanced tactics. Instructions about any chess issue for higher-level players (on a particular opening, how to play in a particular position type, analysis of student games, etc.).
Many chess players, no matter what level of playing, are using a chess coach. Online chess classes are important for discovering new ways of thinking while playing chess. Beginner players or students learning how to play chess can benefit by learning proper tactics from the get-go. Blindly playing games and relying on natural talent will lead you to be mediocre. Online chess classes, however, will give you the guidance needed to be a great chess player.
You might think that advanced chess players or grandmasters don't need chess coaching. Actually, even a coach of lower-level playing skills can help improve a champion's skills.  Even Grandmaster Kasparov, one of the greatest players of all time, had a chess coach. His name was Yury Dokhoian and he passed away last year at age 56.
Chess is a timeless game that has lasted through generations. It is fun, engaging, challenging, and builds brain muscle.  It's no wonder that 605 million adults around the world play this lovely game. Once you've learned how to play chess your journey in the wonderful world of chess has only begun.
Take my online chess classes to familiarize yourself with the game of chess and learn how to play like a pro. You'll not only play chess but also join the chess community that has existed for decades and decades.
Let's play some chess and see what you're really made of!

This class is perfect for

Beginners, intermediate and advanced players.
Learn ,chess.chess, with Jovan T | Amphy

Meet Jovan Todorovic,

Your teacher

I've been a chess coach since 2000. I've had several extraordinary pupils, now grandmasters, amongst them GM Predojević Borki, Europian Champion U10 and U 14, World champion U16, Multiple Sarajevo GM Super tournament participant, member of the Bosnian Olympic team (see on youtube his 4 games match against Magnus Carlsen from 2013.) and GM Sedlak Nikola, Champion of Serbia 2010, Olympic gold medalist (single fourth board). Coach of the student national team of Serbia for the last 10 years. Since 2012, works as the CEO of Chess Acadamy of Belgrade Chess Club, coaching several very talented young prospects. In 2018 worked as a coach of Japanese juniors. I works as a professor of physics in high school in Belgrade since 2005. In 2017 and 2018 lectured Chess as an elective course at Belgrade University of Sport and Physical Education. State exam degree ( includes psychology and pedagogy). Knowledge of a classical chess heritage and history, updated with knowledge of modern chess technologies.

What to bring

Open mind and good will.
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