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Introduction to this magic game of chess. Learn chess for beginners live and online. Learn how to make the best chess moves from any position. You're going to love learning chess.

What you'll learn

In this lesson, I will introduce to you this magical game of chess. If you haven't yet already, you need to learn how to play chess. It is for all interested people all over the world. We'll learn a systematic approach to playing chess that will help you pick the best chess moves in any position. I will explain how chess can help people to improve many of their daily life characteristics and habits. Learning chess is extremely interesting and fun. Join me and see how much you're capable of.

When learning chess it is important to focus on your needs. No two players are the same. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. Depending on your chess skill level I will change the content of my lessons.

Beginner chess players will start learning how to play chess. We'll learn the rules of chess, how to move each piece and who goes first in chess.

If you already know how to play chess we can move forward to introducing strategies and tactics. In chess, there are almost an unlimited amount of moves to make. That's why it's such a big puzzle to solve. When you're faced with billions of options you need a strategy to win. It would be impossible to actually calculate all the possible outcomes so we rely on a strategic approch.

The world of chess is a magical place and there's room to grow no matter what level you are at. Even the best chess players in the world take advantage of chess lessons.

Want to know the best part?

Chess isn't only fun and challenging, but it also has real-life benefits. Even though it is just a game chess actually builds healthy habits and trains your mind. By playing chess you are strengthening your cognitive abilities such as decision making and thinking ahead. Chess players can enjoy these benefits by playing regularly.

Book a Chess lesson with me today and discover the magic of chess. Learn 1-on-1 with an expert in chess. Get the individual care you need to become the best at chess as possible.

This class is perfect for

All people who would like to learn more about chess
Learn ,chess.chess, with Sasa J | Amphy

Meet Sasa Jevtic,

Your teacher

Chess has been my passion from an early age. I started to play chess when I was 6 and played in my first tournament when I was 11. Due to many school obligations, I never had enough time to seriously work on my improvement. I received the FM title in 2009 and have earned 2 IM norms. The first was in Paraćin, in July 2008, and the second in Kharkiv, Ukraine in March 2010. Besides playing chess I am also a chess arbiter and chess organizer. I was awarded the FA (FIDE Arbiter) title in 2009, and the highest arbiter title IA (International Arbiter) during 2012, and the IO title (International Organizer) in 2013. The most important tournaments in which I was an arbiter were: at the European Club Cup in Rogaška Slatina, Slovenia in September 2011, at the 13th European Individual Chess Championship in Plovdiv, Bulgaria in March 2012, where I was an arbiter for the top 15 boards with 2700+ players, and at the 23rd European Youth Chess Championship in Budva, Montenegro in September/October 2013. In the period of 1994-1998, I organized International OPEN Junior Chess Tournaments in Paraćin. Back in 2008, I started to organize the International Chess Festival in Paraćin each summer. Nowadays, this Chess Festival is the most important chess event in Serbia and one of the best in the region. Each year number of participants is increasing (in 2019 app. 400 participants from 30+ federations all over the world). More details are available at our official web site I am also the Founder and President of a local chess organization called Youth Chess Club "Paraćin". We have a very famous chess school and team and single tournament successes in all categories. From November 2019 I perform the duty of Rating Officer for the Serbian Chess Federation.

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