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Escape from your home and go back into Roman times!

What you'll learn

This online tour is an appetizer of Pompeii: we will "escape" from our home and move back into Roman times! I'll tell you the history of the city, from the beginning to the eruption, and then to the discovery.

You'll get an introduction to the daily life of 2000 years ago, discovering the private and public buildings that characterize the ancient city.

During our virtual trip, we will visit some of the main attractions as the Amphitheater (Roman gladiator stadium), the Thermopolium (Roman snack bar), and the Forum (main square). I'll also share the techniques that archaeologists use to create the plaster casts of the victims of the eruption of the Vesuvius.

Looking at maps videos and photos, you will have a taste of the Roman times that'll give you an idea for a future offline visit. Of course, I'll be happy to answer all of your questions, too!

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Great for groups:
Celebrations, work gatherings and online field holiday trip for team-building and for schools!
Learn ,, with Roberto M | Amphy

Meet Roberto Musio,

Your teacher

My name is Roberto. I am an archaeologist and an authorized guide of Campania Region I obtained bachelor degree in Cultural Heritage, master degree in Classical Archaeology and the diploma of Post-Graduate School in Archeological Heritage. I'm going to offer my knowledge in the art-historical and archaeological field for anyone who wants to understand and investigate the incredible richness of the Campania Region.

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