The way out is in 8-week journey

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75 min
Private Class
The way out is in • 8-week journey-0

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This coaching process of 8 weeks is specially designed to help you transform your beliefs, fears, programs that prevent you from moving towards your life purpose. You will undertake a journey to attract balance and clarity to your life.

What you'll learn

Through mindfulness, phototherapy and powerful questions I will help you get in touch with your challenges, difficult emotions, thoughts, patters or programs that prevent you to move forward.
You will reconnect with your body and emotions by observation and acceptance.

You will work on:
1. Finding your true value as a professional and a human being.
2. Replacing old habits with new ones, and adopt actions that will lead to the best version of you.
3. Creating space within to admire, feel and appreciate yourself.
4. Taking control of your life and discovering your true potential.
5. Finding your why, getting empowered and motivated.
6. Getting to meet your inner leader.

This class is perfect for

Anyone who is experiencing burnout, work stress or anxiety at work, specially if:
You feel lost
You can't focus
You have lost your motivation
You feel stuck
You are afraid of the future
You have carried this emotional load for a long time
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Meet Sandra Ariza,

Your teacher

I have more than10 years of experience leading teams in different companies around the world -Decathlon, BP, Kering, Selina - I am certified coach, certified yoga teacher and official trainer of Points of You methodology. Since I integrated these amazing tools to my professional practice, I have helped many people to improve their professional performance while loving what they do.

What to bring

Open mind
Trust the process
Determination to change and make decisions
Private and quiet room where you can express yourself freely

How to participate

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zoom callIf you haven’t already, download Zoom for free on your computer or smartphone in advance.