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30 min
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Your team won’t see the tricks coming. If you’ve never been to a magic show, you’ll definitely want to book this one for your team.

What you'll learn

The Magic Show is an exciting 30-minute event that takes your team through a series of online illusions that are sure to get your team scratching their heads in awe. The event will be led by one of our expert magicians who have years of experience in their craft and have designed some of the best tricks to be performed online. Some of the tricks you might see include:
•	One man band - watch as a rubber band dance around your screen
•	Ghost in the deck - virtual card tricks don’t get better than this!
•	Jacks and five - see how your chosen card magically appears across the deck
Your magician will make sure that the tricks include audience volunteers to participate in the tricks as well. They’ll also get your group engaged with witty dialogue, magic trivia facts, fun personal stories, and well-timed comedy. Get your team amazed today!

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Team building and Happy Hour
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If your team is 100% virtual or hybrid, it’s never been easier to gather and bring the best professional entertainers right to their devices, virtually.

How to participate

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zoom callIf you haven’t already, download Zoom for free on your computer or smartphone in advance.