Team-bonding “What kind of person are you?”

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Team-bonding “What kind of person are you?”-0Team-bonding “What kind of person are you?”-1Team-bonding “What kind of person are you?”-2
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60 min
Team-bonding “What kind of person are you?”-0

Answer simple questions and get to know each other!

What you'll learn

Are you a morning person - あさがた(asagata)? Or night person - よるがた(yorugata)?
 Are you a dog person - いぬは(inuha)? Or cat person - ねこは(nekoha)? 

Answer simple questions and learn useful Japanese phrases! 

How this class works
1, Enter the Google Jamboard (shared before the class)
2, Answer the question on the screen by moving your icon on Jamboard.

You’ll see very simple questions with only two options - if you like dog or cat, if you’re a morning or night person, if you prefer wine or... 
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This class is perfect for

To get to know each other
To learn easy Japanese phrases

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Jan 01-07, 1970

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Learn ,,other.Other, with Julia A | Amphy

Julia Akashi

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Why did I become a Japanese teacher? ... Since I realized the beauty of Japanese language and there are a lot of people all around the world who love Japan!! I started feeling that I’m meant to be born as a Japanese to tell how beautiful Japan is from the aspects of culture, history, and language. I believe learning a new language broadens your possibility and even changes your personality in a better way. I’d love to be of any help for you! Teaching style ... Very flexible! We can study based on your textbook step by step, focus on writing Japanese letters, have conversations in Japanese, talk about some questions you’ve been wondering for, analyze your favorite Japanese songs/ anime/ manga, etc. How long have I been teaching? ... Since 2015 on Instagram. ... Since 2020 as a personal teacher. How many students have I taught? ... 113k students on my Instagram! ... 30+ students as a personal coach

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