Spanish Tongue Twisters for Intermediate​/​Advanced

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Spanish Tongue Twisters for Intermediate/Advanced-0

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Are you having trouble with your Spanish pronunciation & reading? This Spanish class aims to teach you how to pronounce difficult words in Spanish. We'll have fun as we learn Spanish online.

What you'll learn

Let's take a minute to make your Spanish lessons fun! In this Spanish class, mistakes are funny and a part of learning. You'll improve your Spanish pronunciation and reading with a classic kids' game of tongue twisters. Tongue twisters in Spanish can help you speak fluently and correct your language mistakes. This method is the same as our teachers used to use when we were kids in school. We'll have fun as you learn Spanish online with some of the strangest tongue twisters you've ever heard. If you can pronounce these, you can pronounce anything in Spanish.
When it comes to speaking skills, Spanish pronunciation is key to communicating well.  That's why taking a class on Spanish pronunciation is key if you want to learn Spanish and become fluent. If you're traveling to a Spanish-speaking region or doing business in Spanish, your pronunciation of words will help you communicate. The person you're speaking to will understand you better and you will sound more intelligent. This will help you achieve your goal whatever it may be.
Spanish is the fourth most spoken language in the world so by learning it you will be able to speak with millions of new people. It's no fun making friends that can't understand you. To take full advantage of the language you must learn how to pronounce words properly. Nobody wants to listen to you speak in a horrible and hard-to-understand accent. Learn Spanish online with me to perfect your accent and start sounding like a native speaker.
If you speak Spanish and want to upgrade your accent then this is the class for you. Book a session with me at a time that suits your busy schedule. From anywhere in the world and no matter who you are, you are able to book a Spanish class with me. With my live online classes, you'll find them easy to attend, affordable, and highly educational. So what are you waiting for? Book now and I'll see you in class soon!

This class is perfect for

Students that are having problems with reading and pronunciation is Spanish, or just want to improve
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Meet Vanessa Carrillo,

Your teacher

I have been teaching Spanish since COVID when I decided to move to Playa del Carmen, and start meeting foreigners. Also, for people that move here and want to speak Spanish. I love helping people and teaching so I give Spanish classes to anyone that needs it.

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