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Are you about to travel but (you or your family) need to brush up on your Spanish speaking? Take up to 4 lessons in this Spanish course :) Learn travel Spanish along with some easy Spanish words.

What you'll learn

Take up to 4 lessons in this Spanish course. This class is for learning Spanish with the intention of traveling. We'll only focus on important Spanish vocabulary for traveling and easy Spanish words you can use. This way when you are traveling in Spanish-speaking regions, you can ask for directions, introduce yourself, start a conversation, and more.

You will learn not only the basic vocabulary for your next trip but also some cultural advice on what to do and what not to do in your destination country.

You will learn what is necessary to be able to go to hotels, restaurants, amusement parks, and more. Also how to react and what to do when facing an emergency.

Learning travel Spanish will be incredibly useful for your next vacation. Everyone knows that the best way to find what to do is by asking the locals. Speaking their mother tongue will make them like you more and give you the best advice. Plus you'll be able to make friends and connections while you're there.

Who knows maybe you'll even meet the love of your life. After all, Spanish is the language of romance.

Book a live class or the full course with 4 lessons with me today. Never be confused by the foreign language while traveling again. Gain confidence in your speaking, expand your Spanish vocabulary and learn the best phrases for traveling. We'll have fun while learning too, so there's nothing to wait for. See you in class!

This class is perfect for

People who's about to travel and need some basic knowledge of Spanish for the trip
native English speakers
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What to bring

If you have some special need/desire, just let me know :)
Also, tell me where are you going in advance to get some tips ready for you!

How to participate

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