Spanish for Young Learners: Introduction- Complete

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45 min
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Spanish for Young Learners: Introduction- Complete-0

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An 16-week course where you will learn how to develop your skills in Spanish - like a pro!

What you'll learn

Lesson 1: Introductions, Greetings, & Numbers 
Lesson 2: Los días de la semana y Que hora es? (Days of the Week & Telling Time)
Lesson 3: El Alfabeto, Los Colores y Mi Familia (Alphabet, Colours, & My Family)
Lesson 4: Mi Casa (My Home)
Lesson 5: La Diaria Rutina (Daily Routines) 
Lesson 6: Los Medios de Transportes (Modes of Transportation) 
Week 7: Los Países de Habla Español (Spanish Speaking Countries) 
Lesson 8: School Supplies
Lesson 9: La Granja (The Farm)
Lesson 10: Los Meses & Estaciones (Months & Seasons)
Lesson 11: Los Amigos 
Lesson 12: Hobbies
Lesson 13: La ciudad & Las direcciones (The City & Directions)
Lesson 14: Limpiar (Clean-Up Routine)
Lesson 15: Los sueños (Dreams)
Lesson 16: Final Projects & Comprehensive Review 

This class is perfect for

Ages 8-12
Learn ,language-and-culture.spanish, with Kristine D | Amphy

Meet Kristine Dizon,

Your teacher

An international artist and teacher, Kristine D has performed in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. A passionate educator, she has taught masterclasses in Armenia, Cyprus, Thailand, Perú, and Poland. Kristine served as Visiting Professor at the University of Saint Joseph - Faculty of Creative Industries in Macau, China in 2018. Kristine has been a part of several socio-cultural and educational projects that include the Philharmonie de Paris-Project DEMOS, Conservatoire de Montargis (Orchestre á l'école), and the Minnesota Project Opera. Recent student accomplishments include winning the 'Premio de Plato' on Examen Naciónal de Español, high placement in both music and language courses, merits and distinguished achievements in the ABRSM music theory exams, and recent acceptance to the San José Youth Symphony and Minnesota Youth Symphonies. Her students also are gaining recognition in international music competitions.

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