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60 min
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a session on slow yoga by paying more attention at the flow and being mindful in the same time.

What you'll learn

Slow Flow Yoga is a Yoga Class for you to enjoy Yoga with your own pace, without having a rush feeling with the purpose of this class are being mindful to your body and cultivate good things by eliminating all the negativity surrounds us.

The key in this class, is how do you put aside your problems, struggles and obstacles also making special time to do this in order to give your body rewards and appreciations by doing this.

This class is quite similar to Vinyasa Yoga, however some m... 
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This class is perfect for

This class is perfect for all fitness level. It will be a 90 mins class!

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Jan 01-07, 1970

What to bring

Yoga Mat
Props such as Blocks or Strap *optional*
Learn ,, with Ferry S | Amphy

Ferry Sidabalok

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I was an HIIT based on music Fitness Instructor. I have lost my weight from 94 Kgs to 61Kgs by doing proper workout and good food in diet. I normally teach in-person classes and virtual classes before the Covid-19 Outbreak. However, since the pandemic started I had to switched to teaching virtually. Experiences in Yoga has been a part for my life, this leads me to become a teacher and inspiring others. I believe combining my experiences in Fitness Instructor and Yoga Teacher will hopefully guide and lead you to enjoy your class with me.

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