Private Spanish Clases (1-on-1) All levels.

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Private Spanish Clases (1-on-1) All levels.-0Private Spanish Clases (1-on-1) All levels.-1Private Spanish Clases (1-on-1) All levels.-2
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Private Spanish Clases (1-on-1) All levels.-0

Learn Spanish through conversation and engaging materials and activities. I plan my classes for each student using music, videos, short texts, games and other materials customize to my students' specific likes and needs.

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My classes are planned considering the challenges students face when learning a new language. To help you feel engaged, I first gather information about your likes, preferences and needs to design my classes for you.
Classes start with interesting openers, and all the activities that follow are based on real conversational situations you face when talking to Spanish speakers. We’ll work on vocabulary and structures, and I will guide to infer the usage rules and different ways to recy... 
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Jan 01-07, 1970

Learn ,language-and-culture.spanish, with Maria S | Amphy

Maria Soledad Bancoff

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In the past 15 years, I have worked with learners from all ages and levels and different methodologies aiming at specific targets. In addition to working in person, I have worked as an online teacher for the past 8 years, providing schools, institutes, companies and private students with tailored and fun classes and workshops to help them achieve their goals. Working with different methodologies, ranging from grammar-based to communicative approach and even suggestopedia, has helped me to customize my classes for my students, focusing on their preferences and making use of many games and user-friendly digital tools.

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