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60 min
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Learn how to waist hoop and learn the beginnings of how to coil the hoop up and down your body.

What you'll learn

Based off your experience we'll learn the basics of on-body hooping. Whether you're a complete beginner or know the basics, this class is for you! 
Spend an hour with me and you'll walk away a confident hula hooper! Plus, have a tool to aid with anxiety and depression, and release endorphins! 

This class is perfect for

Someone who wants a tool to help with mental health or someone who wants an alternative workout!

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Jan 01-07, 1970

What to bring

Need a hula hoop! Find one here:
Learn ,fitness-and-wellbeing.hula-hooping, with Brittany C | Amphy

Brittany Colbert

Your teacher

I've been hula hooping for four years. In this time I've attended a two different hula hooping retreats with world renowned instructors, became Hoop Love Coach certified, and attended many online hoop workshops. Additionally, I founded my own hula hooping business, Honeysuckle Hooping, where I teach classes locally and regularly at multiple gyms/health spas/dance studios, make handcrafted hula hoops of all shapes and sizes, and perform different hula hooping acts at various events in my surrounding area!

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