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Play Classical Chess with GM Davor R-0

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I'm a chess coach from Croatia (EU) who follows the classical chess approach. I like to play a clever patient logical game from opening till the endgame. Learn chess with me live and online.

What you'll learn

In this class learn chess from an experienced Grandmaster chess coach. I have a deep individual approach for every student. To make sure you get the most out of chess lessons I focus on your areas of need. Practice is important that's why I give a lot of materials for individual work outside of lessons. Master the art of classical chess, improve your chess skills, and move up in rank.

Also, I have very good knowledge of 1.e4 move playing as White and 1...d5 and 1...e5 as Black which I played almost all my chess career. We will go over it in my chess lessons.
It's time to get the chess coach you need and take things to the next level. Join me for 60-minute private online chess lessons to begin mastering classical chess.

Grandmasters and high-level chess players learn chess strategies to outsmart their opponents. It would be futile to try and memorize every position possible and play out the game accordingly. There are too many possible positions with 319 billion possibilities after 4 moves each. This shocking number would be hard for even a supercomputer to calculate, that's why it's much better to learn strategies. I'm going to teach you the theory, tactics, and strategy that come with playing classical chess style.

Classical chess, or scientific, is one of the two main methods of opening. The other is hypermodern openings. Luckily classical chess is good for beginners and easy to learn. That being said, it is a powerful strategy that can work on even Grandmasters like me. I have been using the classical chess approach for many years and it has helped me win titles.  

Learning with a chess coach is a powerful move for chess training. Any chess player that wants to go far in his career or develop strong skills needs a chess coach. Not only do they introduce new concepts and train you in them, but they can also give you an outside perspective. By viewing from a different vantage point a good chess coach can point out your blunders and moves that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. A chess coach that knows his stuff can make the difference between improvement and staying stagnant. 

Book a live class with me today and start training in classical chess. Get high-level training from a real grandmaster from the comfort of your own home. I can't wait to meet you and see your skills grow as we train together. Let's play chess!

This class is perfect for

Begginers, intermediate players
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Meet Davor Rogic,

Your teacher

Grandmaster from since 2005. Top ELO 2602. Croatian champion 1994. Member of Croatian team on Olympic Games (1998 and 2000) and European Championship (1997) Playing occasionally mainly on team competitions like a good team player in Croatia, Austria and Germany league with highly friendly approach.

What to bring

Working on Zoom with share screen. After the lesson always send a material from lessons and material for preparation.

How to participate

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