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Learn common Japanese phrases to communicate with Japanese customers & colleagues in 60 minutes! Whether you're traveling to Japan or doing business with the Japanese, this is the class for you.

What you'll learn

The Japanese business culture has many differences from the western society business culture. Here in this class, we'll learn proper Japanese business phrases to add to your vocabulary.  We'll study how to use them and when they are appropriate to use. These Japanese business phrases will help you close deals, impress colleagues, and create the business relationships you want.
So what will you gain from this class? You will be taking away street-smart business Japanese phrases that enable you to communicate instantly with Japanese business partners. From giving a good first impression to responding to unspoken disagreements. This class will even help to get your point across without sounding confrontational. 

If you're going to Japan for work or if you work with Japanese companies this is the class for you. It only takes a few minutes to equip yourself with phrases and vocabulary that will carry you. With your new knowledge, you will be unstoppable in Japanese business culture.

If you're looking for further business culture and communication skills in Japan, please take my "Business Japanese & Culture" class. If you want to focus on phrases then you're in the right place. This class focuses on phrase practice.

Go ahead and book a class today. You'll be surprised by how useful just a few Japanese phrases can be. You'll be instantly more likable in the eyes of Japanese companies. Not to mention you can avoid any uncomfortable cultural differences. Make yourself and others feel at home when doing business together.

This class is perfect for

All levels of students who want to learn business Japanese phrases language schools don't teach
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Meet Takashi Kawatani,

Your teacher

*Visited 20 countries to resolve cross-cultural challenges of international businesspersons when working together. *At home with various dimensions of crosscultural issues of management, leadership, engagement and communication across nationalities. *Published 12 books of crosscultural business and one of Malaysian beetles.

What to bring

1. Job title and type of business
2. Learning goal and interests
3. Questions about Japanese business communication
4. If you want, smartphone to record intonation and pronunciation of Tak

How to participate

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