PASSED: Perfecting Pastry & Lemon Meringue Pie!

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Even if you have never made pastry before, and even if you have – Great British Bakeoff winner, Nancy Birtwhistle will teach you a fail-safe method which will give you a crisp, even pastry crust every time and no soggy bottom!

What you'll learn

Pastry can be the baking nemesis for so many people and because it may have given rise to problems in the past, the tendency is then to go out and buy factory processed ready made.  Some bought pastry dough can contain as many as 10 ingredients which will probably include palm oil as well as a number of preservatives. Using just 4 simple ingredients, the pastry dough can be mixed in just two minutes and that includes the time it takes to weigh out the ingredients.  Even those without a food processor can make the dough along with me by hand – it will take longer but it will be better than anything bought from the supermarket!

In this class, we will make A traditional Lemon Meringue Pie  – I am not talking fancy meringues, blow torches and piping nozzles ! I am going to make a traditional pie which made properly has the perfect balance of everything you need from a dessert. A thin light crust, tart smooth lemon custard and topped with a pillow of meringue which has a thin crispy shell. The ingredients are simple – flour, butter, sugar, cornflour (cornstarch), eggs and lemons This is perfect and one of my Top Ten bakes! 

This class is perfect for

The class is suitable for anyone interested in perfecting their pastry, or even who has never made pastry before though a basic knowledge about baking terminology, ingredients and equipment is desired.
Learn ,master-series.past,master-series.past, with Nancy B | Amphy

Meet Nancy Birtwhistle,

Your teacher

Since winning the fifth series of The Great British Bake Off in 2014, I have written three books. My first book, Sizzle and Drizzle. (2019) , is a baking and cooking book which covers every baking discipline and is supported by “how to” videos accessed using QR codes.. My second and third books (both UK top 10 Bestsellers) concentrate on living a ‘greener’ life. In these books I share recipes for eco friendly cleaning recipes plus tips and tricks on how to save the plant and money by working smarter, using less and wasting less. I post regularly on social media and have a delightful group of followers who are literally all over the world.

What to bring

6oz Plain Flour
3oz butter chilled (room temp if hand mixing) + 40g butter room temp
300ml cold water
Butter/llining paste for greasing
2 lemons
2 eggs
4 tbsp cornflour/cornstarch
50g Caster sugar
100g Icing sugar/confectioners
Food processor(optional)
Measuring spoons/scales
2 mixing bowls
Small saucepan
Spatula, Rolling pin
Baking parchment
Baking beans/uncooked rice
22cm loose-bottomed flan tin(~2.5cm deep) /deep pie plate
2 plastic sheets(freezer bags/ plastic liners from cereal box)

How to participate

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