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Healing Love To Attract the perfect partner with Catherine A | Amphy

Healing Love To Attract the perfect partner

Heal your traumas and find tranquillity to attract the perfect partner, friend or partnership, Everything start with you.

What you'll learn

Quality relationships are the main to happiness and a fulfilled life. So get into a successful relationship with yourself first.  Heal your trauma to start leaving in the present moment. 
Attract the perfect partner, friend, or partnership by healing yourself first. 

All associations are essential: connections within your community, bonds with daily, and intimacy with romantic partners. So relationships are vital to your existence that their quality and status have the power to completely alter every aspect of your lives, from living situations to employment and from your beliefs about yourselves.

You can improve your relationships:

-Through learning relationship skills
- learning about yourself
You attract what you want; you need to trust in yourself and your capacities. Your mind is powerful.
Relationships help people become conscious of themselves by mirroring their inner fears, unconscious role expectations, emotional and communication patterns. By working on yourself within the relationship, you benefit from your relationship and grow as an individual.


This class is perfect for

To heal your trauma to attract all the excellent relationship in life and work. 

Your Teacher

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As your Holistic Health Coach, my background is in Counselling-Psychology, Grounding Techniques, Relationships, and Holistic Nutrition. I support and help people align their mind, body, heart and soul by enhancing the growth of the positive mindset. Allow tranquillity, harmony, abundance, balance and love in your life with the power of your mind. Welcome to your spiritual awakening.

What students need

An open mind and an eagerness to learn about yourself.

How to participate

Simply click the link in your confirmation email to join the video call.
Note: Be sure to download Zoom for free on a desktop or mobile device before your scheduled class.