Floral Design: Containers and Accessories Class | Amphy
Floral Design: Containers and Accessories with Sandy M | Amphy

Floral Design: Containers and Accessories

The selection of your floral design vessels and finishing touches elevate your creations to levels above the ordinary. Learn about the options from a professional.

What you'll learn

Creatives will really enjoy this class! Flowers can be in any watertight vessel. This class is all about variety. Participants will receive a tour of the many types of containers that can creatively showcase cut flowers and live plants. Imagine the joy of crafting and giving a housewarming basket of herbs and blooms. Discuss sophisticated arrangement choices for formal affairs. Learn how to make perfect bows with a minimal amount of ribbon. 

Each class in the series offers tangible advice and specific guidance on an aspect of floral design. Classes may be taken in any order. Participants will leave each lesson with new skills and a downloadable topic-specific hand-out that showcases key concepts accumulated over my 12-year career. Live interaction with the instructor and other participants ensures that each class is unique and we all learn something new!

Participants attending 4 or 8 classes will receive a certificate of completion to acknowledge their dedication to this learning journey.

Classes in this series:

- Introduction
- A Cast of Characters 
- Tools of the Trade
- Containers and Accessories
- Top 10 Tips to Keep Flowers Fresh
- Sourcing Flowers 
- Preserving Flowers
- Floral Inspired Crafts

This class is perfect for

Creative spirits looking for an outlet, avid gardeners looking for ways to share their bounty, or entrepreneurs considering a boutique business venture based on floral design will benefit from this course.

Your Teacher

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Helping people learn is an intrinsic part of my nature. As a youth I was called a “natural teacher.” I remember as early as third-grade being paired with a struggling classmate. It was natural that I would gravitate to instructional design and the benefits of educational technology for a career. As much as I love what computers have done to transform our lives, another side of me needs to create tangible art. 12 years ago I found my perfect passion path through floral design. Showcasing the principles and sharing inspiration through collaborative teaching experiences bring me much joy.

What students need

Notebook and pen. 12" of thin ribbon and a fork.

How to participate

Simply click the link in your confirmation email to join the video call.
Note: Be sure to download Zoom for free on a desktop or mobile device before your scheduled class.