Meditation for Non-Meditators (Mini Course!)

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60 min
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Meditation for Non-Meditators (Mini Course!)-0

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This is the perfect introduction to meditation for people who are curious (and maybe slightly skeptical) about what all the hype is about.

What you'll learn

Have you tried to start a meditation practice before and then given up after a few days? 

Would you like to feel more calm and in control in your life?

Do you hear all the praises of meditation and are curious what it's all about? 

If this sounds like you, join me for this 4-week introduction course. You will get all of the following from this course: 

- introduction to 4 different meditation techniques
- guidance and a space to clarify all of your questions (and talk about any misconceptions)
- motivation to help you build a habit
- a tailor-made meditation practice!

The following are the themes of each week: 

Week 1 - Guided Meditation
Week 2 - Moving Meditation
Week 3 - Focus Meditation
Week 4 - Silent Meditation

This class is perfect for

- Adults who would like to try meditation for the first time
- Adults who are new to meditation and would like to build confidence in their practice
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Meet Alex Borcau,

Your teacher

I started teaching in 2010 and have taught all ages and in all settings. I have taught high school, one-on-one English classes, small group classes, and for the past 5 years, I have been teaching online. My natural curiosity and love of learning led me to the field of coaching where I developed new skills in helping my students build true confidence in their speaking ability and life in general.

What to bring

- an open mind and a willingness to try :)

How to participate

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