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I'm here to be your private Spanish teacher. During our sessions, we will work hard to get into everything you have trouble with or want to review and practice. All lessons will be tailored having in mind your personal learning style and goals.

What you'll learn

I believe in online Spanish classes tailored to the specific needs of the student. Everyone has different needs to learn to speak Spanish. I create my own materials focused on your Spanish conversation goals. My aim is to create a relaxed learning atmosphere. I want to make you feel comfortable, secure and motivated to keep learning and become more skilled in Spanish conversation.
Tons of people these days want to learn to speak Spanish. Whether to travel to new destinations, because of an amazing Spanish TV show or to impress Spanish-speaking relatives. Taking online Spanish classes will connect you to a community of millions of people who speak the language. And doing it online is the most convenient way to learn to speak Spanish.
Throughout my Spanish conversation lessons, we'll cover all aspects of language learning. Starting with basic vocabulary and how to use words in a sentence. All the way to spelling, grammar, punctuation, and Spanish conversation expressions. My Online Spanish classes will be a fun, engaging, complete program for becoming a fluent Spanish speaker.
Want to know the best part?
Spanish is easy to learn. Unlike most languages, The Spanish alphabet is almost exactly the same as the English one. Also, many words in Spanish sound and are spelled just like the English versions. So if you speak English you already speak a lot of Spanish. To be fluent all you need is a little guidance from me. 
Book a session with me and learn the language of romance. Use your Spanish-speaking skills to travel to a dream vacation destination. You will also have access to business dealings with countless emerging Latin American businesses. Don't wait until it's too late, start mastering the Spanish language today. See you very soon!

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Anyone looking for to improve and practice their Spanish
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Meet Oscar Facundo,

Your teacher

I’m a qualified Spanish teacher with ELE certification from International House Barcelona with more than 8 years of experience in teaching Spanish to students of all levels and nationalities. To complement my education I have taken part in several specialised language courses. I worked for different language schools, companies and as a private teacher both online and face to face.

What to bring

A good attitude.
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