Learn To Cook MasterChef Luca's Special Brunch

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2.5 hour
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MasterChef Winner Luca Manfe will teach you to make Mushroom crepes & Aperol Spritz. Impress your friends and family with the best brunch they’ve ever had. EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT: Use code Luca30 for 30% OFF!

What you'll learn

This is a brunch classic! Join Luca as he makes mushroom crepes topped with a luscious truffle béchamel, and a mixed green salad with poached pears, pecan and blue cheese. 

All served with Italy’s delicious and most famous cocktail, Aperol Spritz. If you’re looking for the best brunch idea to make at home than look no further. MasterChef USA winner Luca Manfe is here to share his cooking secrets live and online. 

In this online cooking class you will learn how to: 
- Make crepe butte... 
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This class is perfect for

MasterChef Fans
People looking for fun brunch ideas
Anyone interested in learning how to make crepes butter and béchamel (one of the mother sauces)
Those that want to make a delicious cocktail

What to bring

Bechamel- 5 tablespoon flour, 5 tablespoon butter,630 ml whole milk – 2 + 2/3 cups,½teaspoon nutmeg , ½ teaspoon cloves
Filling- 2 lbs of your favorite mushrooms ,4 shallots ,2 garlic cloves,4 springs rosemary, ½ cup parsley , ½ cup white wine,8oz brie cheese, 1 cup Parmigiano Reggiano
Crepe batter -3 eggs,2 cups flour, 500 ml whole milk – 2 cups
Salad- Mix greens ,2 tablespoons honey ,1 tablespoon Dijon,¼ cup balsamic ,¾ cup extra virgin olive il ,2 pears ,2 cups Port wine ,¼ cup orange jam ,2 cinnamon sticks, ¼ cups sugar,½ cup pecans ,5oz crumbled blue cheese
Extra virgin olive oil
Aperol Spritz – for one drink -3 ounces prosecco,2 ounces Aperol,1 ounce club soda, Garnish: orange slice
1 nonstick pan 8-10 inches
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Luca Manfe

Your teacher

Luca is an Italian Chef, cookbook author, and winner of Masterchef USA. Luca grew up around tables of delicious food prepared by family. When he moved to America 20 years ago, he found himself without the comfort of his grandmothers’ and mother’s cooking. It was then that he decided it was time to learn the craft of a well-prepared dish. Luca traveled around the world, working in Florida, Australia and finally landing in Manhattan. He made his way up in the restaurant business starting from a busboy, advancing as a waiter, then on to a manager and a General Manager. He worked in restaurants, but never in the kitchen, though he did pop in to ask the chef’s advice from time to time. He would try to recreate dishes from some of the best restaurants in New York City for his friends. Sometimes he succeeded. In 2013 he won Masterchef Season 4, Gordon Ramsey’s hit show on Fox. Since then he published a cookbook and launched a private Chef service called Dinner with Luca.

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