A journey through Yiddish Song Class | Amphy
A journey through Yiddish Song with David F | Amphy

A journey through Yiddish Song

Come with me, I'll introduce you to the heartmelting beauty of Yiddish Songs.

What you'll learn

No other song traidition contains as much expression as the Yiddish song tradition. From secular Shtetl songs, to the Frum songs of Yom Tov Ehrlich. I'll gladly share them with you, translate them, and explain its context. See a new world of expression so deep it resonates forever. See expressiveness in Song which transcend human perspective, to ultimate human perspective.

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Yiddish is my mother tongue, Yiddish is my soul. Music: I've studied with the best, trained myself with a lot of self-discipline, and teach others the same way I taught myself. I am the acting Music Director of the Ohalecha center for arts and events in Jerusalem, where I provide concerts and music education.

How to participate

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