Parlez-vous Français ? French lesson for tourists! Class | Amphy
Parlez-vous Français ? French lesson for tourists! with Slim H | Amphy

Parlez-vous Français ? French lesson for tourists!

withSlim H

A quick and efficient notion in French for your trip to France !

What you'll learn

By the end of this class, you'll be able to communicate actions, requests, and more, in French. You'll also learn how to ask for directions in case you get lost and you would like to find your way back to the Louvre ! 

This class is perfect for

French learner, tourist, traveler, backpacker, holiday lover, travel lover 

Your Teacher

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I have 5 years teaching experience, mostly are abroad. I have been teaching in Australia (Sydney) and Japan (Tottori). Nowadays I am teaching also in the Middle East, I am comfortable with all language barrier and able to teach all ages.

How to participate

Simply click the link in your confirmation email to join the video call.
Note: Be sure to download Zoom for free on a desktop or mobile device before your scheduled class.

Class Reviews

5.0 (4)
  • Ricardo V

    A very good teacher who is willing to help you to achieve your goals. I was to practice French during all the class in a very awesome way. Merci, Slim !

    5 out of 5

  • Ilia P

    Great lesson with Slim! He is an extremely friendly and knowledgeable tutor, who makes you feel comfortable and keeps the conversation going. Slim has a fascinating job and travel experience, so it's easy to find an interesting topic. He assessed where I'm at in terms of the language and was able to meet me there, despite my limited French. I've had a great time. Would highly recommend the class!

    5 out of 5

  • Julio C

    It was an extraordinary experience, patience, always calm and relax. Motivate the students for more. He has experience with it and how to manage the conversation. Thanks Slim

    5 out of 5

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