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Learn Chess for Kids - Online Live Chess Coach

withAna B

This class is for kids who want to learn how to play chess and get good at it. No experience is necessary but I can also give lessons to advanced players. We'll have fun and learn this amazing game at the same time.

What you'll learn

This class is chess for kids so it will be fun and engaging. Here you can learn how to play chess or improve your chess knowledge live and online. Live online classes are the best way to learn how to play chess for kids.

Live online classes present chess in a fun and engaging way. If It's your first time playing chess for kids we'll start by learning the basics. First, how to play, including the rules of chess and how to move the pieces.

If you're somewhat of a child prodigy then I'll teach you how to take your game to the next level. With a little training and practice, you could even become a young chess grandmaster. 

We'll learn all you need to know about chess such as:

Endgames, middlegame tactics, and popular openings.

Beginner to intermediate chess tactics and strategies.

How to think while playing chess.

Analyzing past games to see the best moves and failures.

Most importantly, we will have fun and keep things child-friendly.

Playing chess, especially for kids, has many healthy benefits. At young ages, kids are able to learn and build new habits more easily than adults. Older folks get more stubborn with age but playing chess can help the mind stay sharp.

By playing at a young age kids can strengthen their minds in a few ways. Children learn to be patient, goal-oriented, and more responsible for their actions. They are developing their brain, learning how to lose and win, developing discipline and better concentration. Playing and winning games even develops self-confidence.
It's not enough to only take live online classes in chess. To be the best you also have to play after class. Playing with your buddies or family will help you keep the knowledge you learned. Play practice games for fun to make what you learn in class second nature to you. This will help you choose the next best move quicker and easier.
Let's play chess! Can't wait to meet you in class :)

This class is perfect for

Kids who want to learn how to play chess or improve their knowledge

Your Teacher

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I have some good results. I won the national championship twice and I played for the national team a few times. I have a lot of experience in chess coaching too. My biggest coaching experience was working in the Dubai chess club as a professional chess coach.

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How to participate

Simply click the link in your confirmation email to join the video call.
Note: Be sure to download Zoom for free on a desktop or mobile device before your scheduled class.

Class Reviews

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  • Leo H

    Ana was incredible, we practice a lot. Very practice lesson!

    5 out of 5