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45 min
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A fun, fast paced, Kickboxing/Boxing/Muay Thai and conditioning workout that covers proper technique, footwork, combinations, strategy, mindset, and proper stretching. Own your Ring!

What you'll learn

Starting with a fun cardio warm up and footwork, we will continue into a full body stretch. From there, we will focus on basic, fundamental kickboxing/boxing/muay thai techniques and combinations. In between rounds of combinations, we will do burnouts and conditioning primarily focused on improving these skills. We will finish off the class with a full body cool down stretch, breathing and mindset. At the end of class students are welcome to ask questions or leave feedback.

This class is perfect for

Anyone who wishes to learn martial arts, both kids and adults
Learn ,fitness-and-wellbeing.martial-arts, with Maeghen C | Amphy

Meet Maeghen Cotterill,

Your teacher

Martial Arts has been my passion and favourite sport since I was 8 years old. I currently have over 33 years of experience in several different Martial Arts, and still regularly train, learn new styles, teach and coach. I am also actively pursuing higher ranks and upgraded credentials. I never want to stop learning, and want to be the best martial artist, teacher and coach that I can be. I have ran my own martial arts club for over 25 years, and have grown my current studio to over 1000 active students. I volunteer for several organizations that support Special Needs individuals, Victims of Sexual Assault, and Domestic Abuse.

What to bring

water bottle, towel, a small space, workout clothing, (yoga mat optional)

How to participate

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