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In this lesson, I will take you through a rich process that allows you to identify the best chess moves in a given chess position. I will walk you through the methodology that helps you to identify 'forcing moves' in the right combination.

What you'll learn

Learn chess online with chess puzzles. Let's learn how to solve tactics as accurately as possible. I will help you with:

- Identifying 'forcing moves' accurately
- Finding 3-4 moves combinations with ease
- Looking at the right place on the board
- Judging the position accurately
- Having a clear thought process throughout the game

If you want to learn chess and understand the inner workings and feel confident in your skills this is the class for you. This class is designed to train the way you think in a chess game.

Having a live chess coach to help you find the best chess moves is better than doing chess puzzles by yourself. I'll be able to guide you and not only show you the best chess moves but teach you how to find them on your own. Thinking the right way is how you choose the best chess move. Once you have strong tactics and understand what you're looking for you will make not just better, but the best chess moves. Learn chess properly from the beginning and you will be set for a great chess career.

Chess puzzles are all about making the next best chess move. There's always the best choice in a position even though we can't possibly calculate every possible next move. The best chess move will either force the opponent to sacrifice a good piece or drive them closer to checkmate. Learning how to think when choosing the best chess move is an amazing exercise for improving your in-game decision-making. Chess puzzles are a great tool for training that skill and way of thinking.

My live class will train you're mind and skills. My goal is for students to have a thorough understanding of chess tactics and how to apply them in games. Book a class now to improve your playing and win more games. Understand how a chess game really works so you can be more confident while playing and enjoy it more. Looking forward to seeing you in class!

This class is perfect for

Beginners, Anybody who understands the basics of the game and wants to get better
Learn ,chess.chess,, with Praveen S | Amphy

Meet Praveen Sagar,

Your teacher

I'm very good with my communication and I like to maintain a healthy relationship with each student. I specialize in teaching openings and middlegame positional/tactical motifs. I help students build a strong foundation by getting them comfortable with an opening system that is best suited to their style of play, and give them sufficient practice to enable the right levels of consistency needed to cross over to higher rating targets.

What to bring

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