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45 min
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Learn how to become good at organizing! Gain clarity on the most effective questions to ask yourself while decluttering, understand how to categorize your things according to the room and discover how to utilize every inch of your storage space.

What you'll learn

We will begin by visualizing the ideal use of your spaces, discuss how to effectively declutter the items that live within them, and chat about various organizing styles and techniques that will guide you along your journey. You will learn a few vocab words and phrases, such as "vertical space," "specific groupings," "editing," and "like with like" so that you feel better equipped to tackle any project. We'll also dive into the most common pitfalls of those who want to D-I-Y their spac... 
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This class is perfect for

Anyone who feels overwhelmed at the thought of organizing their home and needs a guide when it comes to the basics of creating an efficient, user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing space.

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Jan 01-07, 1970

Learn ,home-and-lifestyle.home-organization, with Savannah V | Amphy

Savannah Virden

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Savannah is a Certified KonMari Consultant, Certified Yoga Instructor and the Founder of Inspired Spaces Organizing.

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