Empowered to Cluck: Turkeys Can't Fly Class | Amphy
Empowered to Cluck: Turkeys Can't Fly with Loren B | Amphy

Empowered to Cluck: Turkeys Can't Fly

This empowered movement class will have you flying high as a turkey!

What you'll learn

We will focus on flapping our wings, working our arms & upper body, to help us fly away with the birds. But unfortunately turkeys can't fly & the next day your arms will be too sore to fly. I promise you will be able to use use them enough to still enjoy a big meal with your family!

Key focus:
Upper body strength & mobility

This class is perfect for

This class is perfect for anyone with a body. All movements will be simple enough to learn with optional scaling to increase intensity.

Your Teacher

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At the age of 16 I was a self taught fitness & wellness connoisseur. After skipping out on 9th grade gym class I opted for a 10th grade fitness class, where I experienced my first taste of resistance training. I rushed to the closest gym for a membership and the rest was history. Although my formal education brought me a degree in Chemical Engineering, my personal obsession with health, fitness & all things wellness brought me down a different path. I currently am the co-owner and operator of Canopy Wellness, a local movement studio and Bowen Therapy clinic, where we use knowledge in pain, trauma and movement to helps others effectively overcome chronic pain. Over 2 years ago, I left a 9-5 engineering job to build a life fully aligned with purpose, passion and service. 2017 - Part Time Fitness Instructor at 'On Edge Fitness' teaching bootcamp & weekend warrior classes 2017 - Started with Bowen College 2018 - Part Time Personal Trainer & Nutrition Consultant, working with clients 1-on-1 2019 - Full Time Coach & Personal Trainer at 'We Are Fitness' teaching functional fitness style group classes 2019 - Completed Reiki Level 1&2 with a focus on meditation 2020 - Opened Canopy Wellness with my business partner Mackenzie 2020 - Became a Certified Bowen Health Therapist 2021 - Online Movement & Stillness Educator helping others overcome chronic pain

What students need

You will need 2 object to hold in your hands. Examples include yoga blocks, tennis balls, rolled up socks, small soup cans.
Option to bring a pair of light weights: 2.5 lbs - 10 lbs

How to participate

Simply click the link in your confirmation email to join the video call.
Note: Be sure to download Zoom for free on a desktop or mobile device before your scheduled class.