Foundation for Your Brand​​,​ Culture​,​ & Strategy

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This course is for developing your brand's foundational details. A house is only as good as its foundation. The same is true for your business. This is why Organization Drivers are critical to your success.

What you'll learn

This class is all about the marketing term organizational drivers in the business. These drivers describe elements of your business that create and boost performance.
The course is based on the first chapter of my book "The Formula for Business Success = B+C+S".

During the class, we define the following:
Organization Drivers of;
and Service Standards

Next, I will teach you how to begin their creation. I'll teach you how to integrate the organizational drivers that will boost your business. It will give your brand a foundation to stand on. Insuring that there is a deeper meaning behind the work that you do. This way consumers can relate to your values and mission and feel like a part of something greater. After all, there is a lot more that goes into branding than just marketing.

It's backwords thinking to be moving forward with your operating strategies before considering organizational drivers. Like a building, the foundation comes first. In business, you must first understand how to define success before striving for it.

In this class, we'll learn how to determine the people, conditions, and information that will define success. We'll define what factors your industry requires for success and how to apply it to your business.

After which you can start measuring your success. You can plan for the future and put initiatives into practice. With clearly defined organization drivers you can, experience rapid growth, but also understand when you've achieved goals.    

Book a class with me to build your business's foundation. Just like a building would collapse without the foundation, your business is in danger of failing without organizational drivers. We'll systematically define the drivers that you will focus on. Get ready to take your business to the next level.

This class is perfect for

small business owners, executives, managers, entrepreneurs
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Meet Kenneth Bator,

Your teacher

Ken has hosted and produced several podcasts including Branding the Experience, Cool Culture Corner, the CU Business News Podcast, Public Safety Talk Radio, and Beyond the Call. His articles have appeared in many publications including The Credit Union Journal, Lifestyle Entrepreneur, CU Business Magazine, ABA Bank Marketing, and as one of the first category directors of the recently launched Podcast Magazine. Ken is a well sought-after speaker and has presented during several conferences, both in-person and virtually, worldwide including an appearance as an “Icon of Influence” during the New Media Summit.

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