Japanese Business Culture: Five Golden Rules

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60 min
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Pragmatic Pointers of Doing Business with Japanese in any Industry! Learn Japanese business culture, and etiquette so you can make a great impression.

What you'll learn

In just 60 minutes, you will learn the street-smart, pragmatic rules of working with Japanese companies. This Japanese Business class is followed by a short practice to put what you've learned into action.

If you want to have proper Japanese business etiquette and create good relationships in business then this is the class for you. We'll go over everything you need to know about Japanese business culture and useful phrases that will make your life easier.  

Your coach Tak is a highly skilled personal Japanese Business coach. He is great at suggesting specific solutions to the personal questions of students. In this class your questions, concerns, and curiosity are welcome. You're sure to feel like you are getting personal coaching from a professional cross-cultural consultant. The valuable one-on-one time with your coach is the best way to adapt to cultural differences. 

This class is perfect for those who want quick pointers that will help them do business with Japanese customers, colleagues, or managers. You don't need any knowledge of the Japanese language to join this class. Whether you speak the language or not you'll need to learn how to act in certain situations.

The Five Golden Rules include "Make HORENSO Your Habit". Horenso is the information-sharing system that is used in Japan. It will be very useful to be familiar with this system to do business in Japan

It also includes "Connect the Past, the Present, and the Future". This is a mentality that is common knowledge in Japan. It's about the accumulation of time, track records and relationships. You'll learn more about that in class.

These truly are golden rules. These rules have been accumulated by globe-trotting for 30 years across cultural leadership training seminars. And from helping troubleshoot at Japanese companies in 20 countries by your coach Tak Kawatani.

Book a class with me today to get started and learn the essential Japanese business rules. You'll learn how to act, how and when to speak, how to treat people with respect, and more. These are invaluable lessons that you can take with you on your next business venture with the Japanese. Best of luck and see you soon!

This class is perfect for

business executives or students looking for quick pointers of working with Japanese and working in Japan
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Meet Takashi Kawatani,

Your teacher

*Visited 20 countries to resolve cross-cultural challenges of international businesspersons when working together. *At home with various dimensions of crosscultural issues of management, leadership, engagement and communication across nationalities. *Published 12 books of crosscultural business and one of Malaysian beetles.

What to bring

The more questions and issues you bring regarding business and communication with Japanese, the deeper you will learn from Tak.

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