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1:1 Theta Healing to Remove Limiting Beliefs with Jade D | Amphy

1:1 Theta Healing to Remove Limiting Beliefs

withJade D

This is a private 1:1 Session to work on whatever issue you desire

What you'll learn

Theta Healing is an Energy healing modality which connects with Universal Energy to remove limiting beliefs, and create and instil new positive beliefs in your subconscious mind.  I work with you to understand the issues holding you back, we instantly eliminate them and receive divine guidance to give you new healthy beliefs. The process is practically effortless on your behalf because all you need to do is close your eyes while I connect you with the Divine energy of the Creator. This is a spiritual and non-religious healing work which is universally accepted and received by all people from all faiths and religion.

This class is perfect for

Anyone who needs help in any area of their life.

Your Teacher

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I came into this world gifted with a deep wisdom of how reality works. I have always known the power of thought and intention to create the life you desire. I was a world class documentary film maker however I had an incident set me back for 15yrs. It was during this time that I dedicated my time to study and implement energy work in my life, and I became a master in this field. I teach in depth energy work and how to leverage energy to create the life you want. I shifted my frequency from homelessness to living in a million pound home. For 15yrs I travelled the world and stayed in the most exclusive resorts without an income and I healed myself and empowered my life with multi-dimensional awareness. I work with Spirit to strengthen my power and I help people around the world to do the same. I teach 1:1 sessions to people all over the world

How to participate

Simply click the link in your confirmation email to join the video call.
Note: Be sure to download Zoom for free on a desktop or mobile device before your scheduled class.