ESPAÑOL Introduction: Learn Basic Spanish

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30 min
Private Class
ESPAÑOL Introduction:  Learn Basic Spanish-0

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A brief interview where you will meet your Spanish teacher Jackie. You will learn about her teaching method and see how it works. After that, you can book any Spanish class of hers that suits you.

What you'll learn

This is an introductory Spanish class to Jackie's full Spanish classes. If you want to learn basic Spanish through conversational Spanish this is the class for you.
Teacher Jackie will ask you a few questions to be able to create a class for you. Your Spanish class will be specific to your level and learning style. In this session, Jackie will explain her method.

Jackie teaches with conversation-based learning. It can be adapted to your specific level and focussed on what you need to learn. Conversational Spanish is important to learn to use in everyday life. Before you can benefit from the language you must first learn basic Spanish.
There are many different kinds of Spanish students. Some learn conversational Spanish and some are on a higher level of speaking and writing. That's why my classes are personalized for each student. The beauty of live online classes is that they can be changed for each student. You'll also receive the personal care and 1-on-1 attention that you wouldn't get from a classroom teacher.
If you're learning Spanish you learn one of the most popular languages in the world. Millions of people all over the globe speak Spanish. It is the fourth most spoken language in the world. If you are looking to travel or do business with Spanish speakers it is a great language to learn.
Mexico, Argentina, Spain, the list of beautiful Spanish-speaking vacation destinations goes on and on. There's no question that the best way to make the most out of travel is by asking locals for guidance. If you speak the native tongue of wherever you visit it will be a lot easier to navigate your vacation. You can ask for advice from people, make friends, and feel more at home. learn Spanish now and make your next vacation even more special than it already would be.
With the global markets filled with emerging Latin American countries, Spanish is becoming a crucial language to learn for business. More and more Spanish-speaking businesses are entering the global economy so it's a good idea to learn Spanish and not miss out. 
For whatever reason, you need to learn Spanish Jackie is here to help. Book a conversation-based learning Spanish class today to get started. You have nothing to lose. Book an introductory class with Jackie to finally use one of the most beautiful languages on earth. See you in Spanish class!

This class is perfect for

English speakers: total Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced Spanish levels. Italian speakers: Intermediate/Advanced Spanish levels. French speakers: Intermediate/Advanced Spanish levels. Portuguese speakers: Intermediate and Advanced Spanish levels.
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Meet Jackie Guiter,

Your teacher

I am an English-Spanish translator and teacher currently living in Spain. I first started teaching at NIU, Illinois, USA, as a Teaching Assistant, and once I graduated from my Master's degree I started to work as a Court interpreter and translator. After a few years I came to Spain, where I am teaching English and Spanish, while I still work as a translator (specialized in Psychology). Being a translator helps me better understand the process of learning a foreign language as an adult and develop my teaching and language coaching techniques. I enjoy researching and trying different techniques to create my classes and creating my own materials. On-line Teacher of English as a Second Language. Independent Language Consultant: Written Spanish to English and English to Spanish translation and consecutive interpretation for company clients in Spain. P.A. & Translator to the CEO at three different companies in Spain. Teacher of English as a Second Language for Professionals in Spain. Teacher of Spanish as a Second Language for Professionals of the Police Dept. in Illinois, USA. English-Spanish Court Interpreter and Translator in Illinois, U.S.A. Teaching Assistant of Spanish as a Second Language at N.I.U.

What to bring

Students will need to use a laptop or PC to attend classes,a stable internet connection,a webcam and microphone,prior experience working online will be helpful. Education level: University student, University Graduate, Professional of any field (at least High School level). No prior knowledge of Spanish if you are an English speaker.

How to participate

emailHead to your confirmation email or booking page, and click the button to join the stream.
zoom callIf you haven’t already, download Zoom for free on your computer or smartphone in advance.